Mech Based Stradegy Game Project (Long term)

First of all i’m not looking for help like some posts I’ve seen lingering about. I’m just here for some comments and helpful critiques as I go through this long term project of mine.

So whats this project?

I plan to make a offline single player turn based strategy game like disgaea and super robot wars etc. It’ll be in 3d and using the Unity3D engine. The end product will be a short demo to just test out the code and my modeling skills.

I’ve already designed two mechs for the game and am modeling the first now. I won’t begin my coding until i got all the 3d pieces completed. Will slowly post updates as they come.


The designs look pretty cool. I always liked mech based games. I’ll be fallowing this thread for sure.

That’s a nice slick design. Sometime ago there was an addictive game called UFO or something rather, and turn based. I never got into that (no software available). I think your game may be somewhat like that. I was hooked onto Civilisation as well back in the days, so I believe turn based games have potential. All the best!

Thanks for the support guys,

In the game, I plan to have give the ability to free roam towns/citys etc in search of info equipment and more. Then at set points (not random, but some can be triggered at anytime with random enemies) you can engage enemy mechs and monsters in turn based stradegy.

So for this test I’ll probably model:

  • 3 mechs
  • 2-3 monsters
  • a town area
  • battle area
  • and a few character models

Then once I’ve got these done and dusted I’ll work on the game mechanics in Unity 3D which uses C# (which i’ve got experience in luckily).

Oh and I’ve also just finished a monster concept.

Note on the monster, the under belly will either be more scales or hair or even skin… not decided.


Progress is slow… mainly cause i’ve been addicted to Pokemon Heart Gold ><…

But i’m slowly making progress. I’m half way on Vega’s geometry so far, then i just need to rig and texture him. I would post a screen shot but its hard to make out at the moment.

Heres a preview from the side and the ortho reference i drew for him.


Slowly making progress in my spare time.
Currently 1464 tris so far.


Cool designs. And about the belly, I think a combination between skin and scale or skin and hair could be nice. If you cover the belly completely with fur or hair, I don’t think it would look particularly good, in my opinion.

PS: Are you still working on the gundam or …?

Yeh I’m still working on the gundam, just taking a break thats all =3

Finished the main body now, its at 3000 tris, but i can cut some of it down before i start skinning it.


Been a while since my last update.

I’ve managed to cut vega’s tri count down to 1982, and have also managed to make a leg rig that works perfectly for him too. At the moment the legs are the only parts rigged.

I’ve also begun laying out the panel textures as you can see.


Been a while, but i’ve completed the rig for vega and am now finishing off his texture as shown.

A preview of my rig in action is shown here


Nice! I love this

Thanks Viper, he was a pain to design XD.

I’ve now begun full work on his texture and i think he looks alot better so far. Oh and he won’t be so heavily scratched in the end.


Textures nearly complete. Just got to finish off the nech, hands and belly and then fade out the scratches.


Looks cool dude, keep going! (like ur signature btw :p)

Lol thanks DDD, the pom pom is alll mine >:3

As for vega, he mostly completed, just gotta rig his swords and done :P.
Heres a 360 viewer of him (3 different 360 views are available)

Still making animations for Vega, but I decided to have a quick fiddle around with Unity and heres a test exe of the outcome. Nothing special, you can just view vega in realtime 3d and his current animations at the moment

Hey man your whole project sounds really good and your models are supurb. I’m really liking this and will be keeping an eye out for updates. I can’t seem to access your .exe, it says the file is temporarily unavailible. Can’t wait to see more, good luck!


Thanks for the support Mike, I’ve just uploaded a newer exe file on my DA account now.

Click the Download link on the right of the page to get it. Controls are included in the readme file inside the zip.