Mech/Cyborg Concept

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I will be updating the top post with the most recent progress picture for this project.

The overall concept is a mechanically modified human inside a mech. I’m going for a dark, grimy techno-gothic feel. The font is completely made up and I hope it will lend it the atmosphere I’m going for. The model is about 30-40-ish percent completed, afterwards I plan to start rigging and texturing. any criticism is welcome; I’m using this project to get back in the saddle after about a decade away.

Most Recent Image:

(frig) #2

Concept doodle:

Initial renders:

(Pepina) #3

I can see a lot of work, keep going! :slight_smile:

(frig) #4

I did some more work on the legs and the faceplate as well as added a proper lighting setup. I’ve used a whole lot of boolean operations so far resulting in a lot of ngons which i’ll have to clean up at some point. That long shape to the rear of the arm is a weapon placeholder. The nest few things I plan to do before rigging/texturing are:

-Finish the feet
-Finish the back portion of the arms
-Finish back of the body
-Add/sculpt face and other details under the faceplate
-Clean up mesh
-Begin adding detailed features from top to bottom.


(frig) #5

Feet are almost done. Also, I was able to get my render time from about 3:30 to 1:15 by rendering with the GPU using 256x256 tiles. Also, I found the denoising option.

(Safetyman) #6

Really nice hard surface work there. I’d be interested in your rigging technique for this.

(frig) #7

I spent most of this week cleaning up the mesh, removing those seams so I can texture them in with normal/bump maps, and recreating some parts that I wasn’t happy with. I liked the way the previous foot turned out, but it was a bit too detailed and didn’t fit in with the rest of the model so I made a new pair of feet. I threw those ‘plates’ in the hip area as a placeholder, but they don’t really look that bad. Not sure i’m happy with the way the waist looks though. I’ve got a few more details to throw into the joints/waist and some hoses/wires to add in the rear. The head is a placeholder from a previous sculpt just to see how the proportions look. After I finish the aforementioned things I’ll start on the details in the ‘cockpit’ area and sculpt a face. Then It’s off to texturing

Thank you for the comments, guys. I messed around with some ideas for rigging the telescopic joints in the shoulder, but I may just have to put off rigging until the end of the project so I can get a final render in a relatively timely manner since I need this for a project.

(frig) #8

I made a quick sketch of my concept for the “cockpit” area where the head will go and modified the mesh in Blender to match. Next, I exported a part of the mesh as a .OBJ file so I can use it in Sculptris as a reference for my head model sculpt. In the interest of time I will modify a head model I’ve already completed. Below are the concept sketch and what progress I’ve made on the sculpt. Somehow some of the faces of my mesh were lost during the export, but it will still work as a reference for the sculpt.

I feel that it is lacking something but I’m sure it will come together while sculpting.