Mech/Cyborg Concept

(frig) #21

I decided to design a more visible hip joint. Might need some modifications, but it wont really be visible anyway.

(frig) #22

I’ve been studying how to better create hard surface objects, and have picked up a few new tools along the way. I’ve been practicing on the below object before I go and give the mech a bit of a facelift with some additional hard surface details.

Here is a weapon designed with this project in mind. The modeling is 90 percent finished. Almost prepared to begin texturing:

Here’s my concept drawing for this object:

(frig) #23

Modeling is complete. Here are just a few IRay renders with a quick texture thrown on.

Next I’ll be throwing some details on with Decal Machine and texturing in Substance Painter.

(aaronh) #24

This gun is amazing! Good job @frig! Any specific tutorials you were following to get better at hard surface modeling?

(frig) #25

Thank you! I cant say I followed any specific tutorials, but I did start using the addons Hard Ops, Box Cutter, and will later add details using Decal Machine. Here are links to all three tools:

These tools definitely help a ton at creating hard surfaces. Hard Ops and Box Cutter are useful for using booleans and automating bevel/edge modifiers while creating the base mesh, and Decal Machine is excellent at non-destructively applying normal-mapped details. With Decal Machine you can even bake the decals to separate maps (AO, curvature maps, etc) for use in Substance painter (although you’ll have to manually combine the maps to the ones you’ll bake in Substance Painter via photoshop/GIMP, but it works!).

(frig) #26

I’ve been slowly working through some of the kinks in getting these various tools working together in an effective workflow with the eventual goal of producing assets I can share with others. In order to help wrap my head around the different things in play here, I’ve created a flowchart with a very basic overview of the workflow. It’s very much a draft so I’m sure some things are incorrect. I also have a cheat sheet on exactly how to perform various steps. Not very interesting, but I thought I would share anyway.