Mech-EAG I

Hi, I’m iiTAGx/Cephin, and this is my first time posting on this forum. Any helpful suggestion/constructive criticism is welcome! (Especially on what to do with the shoulders. THe design is messy. ALso, is the topology alright?)



Yes the design is messy, I would clean up the shoulder bit before doing anything else, and try and more clearly define the shapes, it all seems a bit of a mish mash right now.

Overall it looks very stylish though

YEah, an update. I’m not sure if the design is improving, what do you think?


your edges arent clear enough in some of it, i can tell your paying alot of attention to detail but it wont matter if we cant see whats what.

ALright, I took the advice and kept on cleaning up the design and made the lines/form more clear.


Another small update. Finishing the torso before going to the limbs.


the edges and design of this model are becoming nicely defined. I also suggest trying stick to one style. The head and vent looks like a solid object while the area beneath appears somewhat organic.

keep up the good work :slight_smile: