mech foot need c&c **update again**

Well I got sick of my office for now so I started working on this. Just want to see what everyone thinks so far and if there is anything I should add.

IMO, it jus seems too ‘cubic’

Looks pretty good, just make a small bevel on edges and it’ll look even cooler! :smiley:


put some tubes in to carry the hydraulic fluid, and, to quote S68,



working on the bevel right now but those arent hydraulics they are just shock absorbers. Of coarse I might change that.

Well I beveled a little dont want to do it much more or I have to remake the entire feet. I know the lines need some work but I just put them there to see what they would look like.

i think it hsould be compressed a bit…and still less blocky

forgive my newbness but compressed?

no problem…just a bad word used to describe it…

move everything in a little…pack it together a little…move the parts closer…


Yea, maybe subsurf it or something.

ok here it is completely rebuilt. I took tried making it more round without taking out the hard heavy duty look I wanted. I also decided I liked traitor’s idea to have them hydraulics so I added valves. I want to know what everyone thinks before I go on thanks in advance.