Mech, I want to add detail but Im not sure how

Hi everyone. I decided to try some real hard surfice modeling for the 1st time, but when I look at refrence photos, It has a lot of detail but I’m not sure how they add it. A lot of the time it just look like it’s random holes and shapes on top of basic mesh. How do I make detail to make it look nice?

You know, a nice way to do hard-surface sculpting is, to make the object in box-modelling, using vertex-modelling and, then putting it inside ones sculpt and, then go into edit mode, select the complex vertexes on the sculpt, move them in snap mode and, snap them to the surface, so the sculpt will follow the vertex-model perfectly . .

Hey Patakus, that’s looking really nice! I like the design of both of your weapons. It has a very Warkhammer 40k feel to it.

As for adding detail, I find that it’s helpful to compile 10-20 reference photos of things that look good to me (I usually use pinterest and google image search, then put them all in one big photoshop document) and use that to give me ideas on what little details might look good on my object. A little fun fact: sometimes these little details are referred to as “greebles”, although usually when talking about larger objects.

To actually add these details to the object, you’ll likely want to just experiment with placing primitives such as cubes or cylinders in interesting places, then start turning the primitives into interesting shapes through bevels, extrusions, experimentation. To cut detail into your mesh, you can use these interesting shapes you end up with along with a boolean modifier on your original object. If you need help with booleans feel free to send me a PM.

I like making hard surface things because you can just experiment with interesting shapes until you get something that looks neat. good luck!


Thanks for the explanation. I will try your method and see what I end up with.

This talk by Gleb Alexandrov i’m sure will help tremendously. I bought his and Aidy Burrows’ hard surface modeling course and the talk basically sums up everything you need to know about creating detailed hard surface models, minus the boolean stuff (you might want to look that up.)

You’ve got the primary & secondary forms down. Now it’s time for you to move on to the tertiary forms.

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I already seen this one. I was looking for tips like this from Villitz here. But thanks for bringing that video up. I might rewatch it and find something usefull I overlook or overheard.

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Also try to think of how the mech might operate.

All kinds of machinery generate heat, so you’ll probably need lots of vents. Machines break down, so how will the mech be serviced? You’ll probably need access hatches and removable panels, with handles, hinges, fasteners, etc… How is the machine gun fed ammunition? You could add an ammo belt or box. Do the appendages operate hydraulically? You could add some pistons and fluid hoses. Try to imagine some practical implications of what you’re creating.

Granted, you could say that some of these elements are “inside” the mech for the sake of protecting them in a battle. If you’re going for realism then that would be a sound practice, but you could use them to create some additional visual interest. And like Villitz said, sometimes it IS just random greebles.


Here´s update on how thing developed in a week. Is it step foward or am I doing something wrong ? What do you think ? I could consider this as finished learning project and try something new with knowledge i acquired or I could focus on texturing and lights to make a nice render.


you know, robots look nicer, if you color them and, it’s easy - - you just go into material sections, click add new material to an object, go in-to edit mode and, when you select ’ faces ’ ( not edges or, points ) you can assign a color, to each face, so you give it a quick color, Rough details - - if you make guns look metallic ( if you click disable nodes you can shift rougness and, specular, in materials ) you can get a very nice look, with matte and, Metalic parts - -

Well, I know how to make materials, but I was thinking like details, overall shape etc. I focus on modeling part and then I will maybe add texures. I want to know if the shape is pleasing to the eye, if you want to explore a bit when you look at it.

no I mean, you can make a material metallic and grey, then assign that to a sub-part, of a mesh or, object - - if you select faces, you can add that way and, it doesn’t go away, like UV - - so, you can paint it, the rough colors you want, select faces you want a sticker on, get an idea, Get started - -

notice the eye, on my vampire, it’s not texture and, it’s one mesh, a sphere but, it has 3 colors to, Create effect - - just select faces in edit mode and, add color, to get rough idea and, start moving towards what you want, in the end, to make fun - -

You don’t have to texture, just go into edit and, ’ select face ’ mode, then select the faces you want to be black and, ’ assign ’ a black material, maybe with metallic shine to it, then maybe right next to it, the gun is green and, matte, not shiny and, you can add that so, you get an early test, That Looks nice - -

Here’s how, in Blender - -

You can make grey metal, if robot should look dark green, make that color and, get a nice early view and, you can render it, in a scene, to get nice result, it’s useful on robots and, single colored things, like Tanks - -

Sorry, but this is not what I’am looking for. I think you missunderstood what I want.