Mech in Woods (WIP)

Mech picking up an out-house with its foot. Setting is in the woods.

Woods made up of 6 tree models spread across a particle system. 5 of the tree models are WIP as they have no twigs and are simply meshes with a Skin Modifier.

To-Do: Finish the 5 other trees, make inside of out-house, and make character for inside out-house. Then texture and animate everything.

Update on the trees:
2 and 1/2 trees now have twigs.

Got the 4th tree twiged out. Have 2 more to do as of today. After that, I will get to textures Eventually…

After the trees are done, I will work on creating the pilot character, the inside of the out-house, and the mech’s cockpit.

It should be noted that this scene will take place in the winter, either at night or in the morning (haven’t decided just yet which).

Again, sugestions and/or critiques are more then welcome.

i believe the last tree model in the last image has too many branches, as if its a mutant with many hands, i suggest you reduce the branches a bit.

how did you get the trees not interfere when you used particles system to spread them around?

Thanks for the feed back kimozz89. I will revisit that tree and fix it up a bit. As far as the particle system goes, I had to play around a lot with the number of trees and the seed. I’m using 149 trees with a seed of 8. It wasn’t easy. Wish I had seen your post before I got this made these images.

Yet another low-poly tree is completed (all missing textures of course). This marks 5 out of 6 (with 1 to re-visit) of the initially created trees.

Also did a little color balancing (as shown below)

Next up: Adding branches to the last tree.
After That: Creating the pilot -OR- Making the inside of the outhouse -OR- Making the inside of the Mech’s cockpit.

End Goal: about 3 1/2 minutes of animated cartoony goodness.

thats still really good, are you planing on adding leaves or just almost “dead” trees?
i definitely want to see the animated cartoon

My plan is to have this being a Winter scene, so no leaves. I still have to come up with some concept art for the pilot, who is the supporting character.

I also can’t wait to see this cartoon come fully together. I have some Ideas for future shorts with the same characters (and some other assets I have made in the past).

Thanks for your support kimozz89!

Here is my current version of the outhouse. NOTE: I haven’t made the interior furnishings (toilet, TP, etc.).

I next plan to do some character sketches so I can start modeling the pilot.

Updates will be a little less regular as I get further into the school quarter as this is a free-time project, if you get my drift.

Added some color to the outhouse because I got tired of posting things with default colors. Eventually I’ll add wood textures to the walls and metal textures to the door and roof.

Love Mechs… thanks for starting this project.

  • When the Mech lifts a foot, the entire bodyweight is going to go to the supportive leg. You’ll need to make the Mech lean over more so that the supporting foot is the centre of gravity.
  • The toes in the raised leg should not fall straight down - only slightly, because their hinge is limited. Otherwise, if the toe points straight downward, the Mech might end up on tip-toes (this would happen if the foot falls on the exact toe tips).

Looking forward to an awesome scene.

the house is great but the door handle is a little bit out of shape as well as the mark on the door, i recommend working on those again if you have time.

Lancer: Ordinarily you would be right about the toes. In any other situation, the toes should not bend that far. However, this is a special case because the toes on the mech need to pick up the outhouse. I will take your advice about the positioning of the other leg though!

Kimozz89: I do plan on revisiting the crest and door handle.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

A quick update with the newly UV-Unwrapped mech in a corrected pose (thanks Lancer for the recommendation).

I’m using the UV-Grid texture to show off the UV unwrap that I’ve made. Still needs work, but I think I have it off to a good start.

too funny…I totally missed the outhouse till your latest post…can’t wait to see the textures.

good job

James_Z: Sorry that the outhouse blended in on my first post. I also can’t wait to get theses textured. But I think I will finish up the models before I tackle texturing (which is my weakest area in the pipeline).

Well, it has over a week since I’ve posted. Here is what I have accomplished on this project between school and homework. Yes, the head on the left is missing its back 2/3rds of its mass. Mostly experimentation with topology and facial shapes (yes, there are no ears yet). I might rebuild the bottom of the one on the right, as I like how the top half turned out more than the rest. Once the head has been finished, the rest of the character will follow. After that, the mech’s cockpit and the interior of the outhouse.

No references were used in the making of these heads.

Wonder what the guy is thinking in side the outhouse when he hears the mech walk up. I’d be like oh Shhhhhhsh!

Well, the character has just been prototyped. I will make adjustment latter. But for now he looks adequate.

I also ran into an interesting effect in the 3D view port with the helmet. Note the Helmet was imported form a previous project. It never had textures assigned to it though. If anyone can explain how something shows up in rendered view mode but not in a render, please let me know…

Oh, the character’s name is Gorge.

Never could figure out how to recreate the cracking error into the real render. But did add a paint job to the mech, added a cockpit (still untextured though), and caught Gorge monkeying around.

Next on the ever-changing agenda: Make the mech dirty, redo Greg’s body (found some topology issues with his sholder), fix Greg’s ears, texture the inside of the cockpit, and make the interior of the out house.

As always suggestions, comments, ideas, and commentary are welcome for this WIP.

Been busey with schoolwork and family stuff. Still, I got these two renders done.

I still need to redo Gorge… But alas, school.