Mech Jabberwock

WIP on my new mech contest entry…

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I’m stuck on this Jabberwock. Something’s missing. Is it just that the model isn’t quite there? I know that the grass should be thicker, the ground tex a little darker, and the glowing eye didn’t come out for some reason. Other than that, what could I do to improve it? I just not happy with it.

I think the body needs some more thickness or some more ‘bits’ to it to make it “pop” out from the surroundings. Right now it is kinda’ getting lost in the background. Really cool tree though and I like the bit of motion blur. Keep up the good work!

Definitley beef it up. Way too thin in the neck all the way back to the tail. I also agree with ookami77 about it being lost in the background. The tree is great, but it is stealing the scene.


lighting is not good enough on the mech- most of it is stangely dark in a very bright scene. Reflection map is too heavy- less reflect and more texture would help isolate it.
Plus I’m not sure the scene- as it is- suits the jabberwok. Shouldn’t it sortoff overpower its surroundings, rather than slink around behind a tree?
I think it should be bigger, and it should cast a shadow on what’s under it.[/b]

Very cool, i like the model, don’t think it’s too slim… Cand see how will it move though :slight_smile:

Great setting!


I agree with Stefano: the body is ok and beautiful environment!


why not animate the tree and then it would be blurred a bit and make the jabberwock perfectly still so the actuall definition is on it and we can actually see your detail?