mech leg (updated from long ago)

(pofo) #1

You might remember this from this spring (if you have really good memory). Did the foot and a bit of the lower leg then. Now I’ve almost finished the upper leg too.
I think I’m quite possibly the worlds slowest modeller ;), I don’t think I’ve finished anything good since the F1 competition, hehe.

I noticed it looks a bit short from this angle.

Maybe I’ll even finish it one day.

  1. pofo

(pofo) #2

Did another little update (mostly to the backside though so it doesn’t really show much) and changed the bad angle and ugly lighting.

  1. pofo

(wewa_juicyb) #3

Lookin’ good. very little wrong with that baby. I love the upper joint, looks great. Are the welded screws/pins modeled or bumped? You may want to watch out with there size cause if you want to put a body on that I don’t think the pins should be that big, would look really akward. So what I’m trying to say is watch the scales, it looks more like a robot leg than a mech leg.


(Start with the good points end with the negative :D)

(Caronte) #4

Very well modelled! :wink:

(pofo) #5

Thanks WeWa and Caronte :slight_smile:
I think you’re right about the scale thing WeWa, it does seem a bit small. It’s not going to be a very large mech, but maybe I’ll have to fix that. I’ll see how it looks after I have an idea of how the body will look. Right now I’m thinking something rather helicopter-like, but since I won’t have time to model it in at least three weeks that might change :wink:
Oh, everything is modelled btw, I haven’t put any textures on yet.

  1. pofo

(BgDM) #6

Beautiful model! I do actually remember the foot when you posted it. Coming along nicely. I do agree with the ascale issue as well. Just seems too small right now. The upper leg needs to be beefier IMO. Seems to be too thin I think.

Great work. Now I need to get back to my mech and finish that sucker off.


(slikdigit) #7

Please finish this! the modeling is good, makes me want to see the rest.
:o :smiley:

(S68) #8

I have a very good memory

And you have amazing modelling skills :o


(pofo) #9

yay! more feedback :smiley:
Thanks for your comments.
I agree that the upper leg is a bit thin, it’s partly a style issue, but maybe it’d look better if I fattened it some.
And yeah, finish your mech BgDM. I wanna see it. It doesn’t even seem to be in the wip part of your gallery.

And you have amazing modelling skills :o

Partly because I only model stuff that don’t exist in reality so noone will be able to compare ;).

  1. pofo

(BgDM) #10

That’s cause I need to update my site. :wink: If you are interested, then look here: