If any of you loved the game chromehounds then that is the game i would love to recreate but official not the same due to copyright and that would be bad. IT will have the on-line war, you will be able to build you mech and camo it and all that.

For this project to go ahead i need:

  1. 5 experienced modellers including me, RobMonty1987, Radioactive123,CryptochildXR
  2. 3 experienced C coders for offline and online ,CryptochildXR
  3. 2 sound people
  4. 5 texture guys with experienced
    5.2 animators experienced including RobMonty1987
    6.2 artists experienced

Alot of people for a big job

The main aims are to get a chromehound feel to the game
Massive scale
A huge array of weapons and armour and legs

I am not going to go into full detail as no one else has joined yet but if this does take a hit i will update weekly of progress.

For those who do not know what chromehounds is and the amount of detail i need here is a image. ( i am expecting better than this the game was made in 2006)

I loved Chromehounds. It was really the only mech game I played besides Armored Core (all of them). Played for years, never got old. There is rumors of a sequel in the midst. Are you shooting for a clone? A variant? A sequel? I think the game was very slapped together and could have been exponentially better if more time was taken on it. I would offer to help, but it would only be in my free time as I am already working on my own game project. I have extensive knowledge of the game background itself and even though I am relatively new to Blender, I have a good knack for mechanical stuffs, both in terms of geometry and animation. I mess around with starting to build a mech in the past, I’d love to get further into it. Not sure when I could help out though, considering I already have a decent workload :stuck_out_tongue: When do you plan to ‘start’ the project? Also what would it entail? Replicating or procrastinating? I would love to see this game reborn without Sega at the wheel.

A few questions:

What game engine do you plan to use? (My dev team has a $900 license to the Gamestudio multiplayer engine.)
How close do you plan on recreating it? Will you dance around the copyright or play it safe?
Please tell me you plan on making the secret weapons? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thank you on your quick reply and happy to see a chromehound fan!

It will basilica chromehounds but with a different name it will have a newer and more sleeker menu look then the old grainy look to CH.

I plan to start creating as soon as possible!

Secret weapons have not been discussed but i am shore we could squeeze something like that in

Also the game engine i really dont know as i am a modeller, but the onces that i have looked at is BGE,Unity and havoc but i am unable to find out how to get the havoc engine and stuff. or do you have any suggestions!

Also unlike with chromehound i would like to add a much better levering system so in order to buy an item you must have the amount of money and be the level to get it!

**************************************** Also due this being a server game it will be a pay monthly or pay for gold to buy unique items! *********************************************

Havoc is propriety software, and is only a physics engine afaik.
You could always start with unreal3 engine, however if you want to go commercial you’ll have to pay up to epic.
The title says you want to make a mmorpg, not to crush your dreams, dreaming is good, but it takes quite some coding experience to create a mmo, as far as I know, any network game can be a pain, can only imagine how much of a pain creating an actual mmo will be.
I recommend creating a base first, some well written document with what you want to do, how you think to do it, what timescale you’re thinking of completing it etc. and ofcourse some actual art, and concept art to show your vision how it should look. Not only will this help you find a potential crew, it will also help you to see the scale of the project your suggesting.
None the less I wish you all the luck :slight_smile:

thanks for that i am looking for this to take no longer then 2 years to develop and get a beta ready. I have looked at the unreal engine and i hated it i hate all games made by it sorry but that engine is a no! NO!

but thanks for the advice

their is not art work or anything done because i have only just put this on the thread but i currently working on some weapons for it!

Here is a weapon i have near finished of course it needs texture. also as you can see i got the idea of chromehound from the way it will be mounted to the body oh the mech.

This would probably be a medium powered weapon!


Here are some armour plating which can be added to protect you mech!

Here is an example of what the maps will be like but we will also have some city maps.
The red cube indicates the size of a medium sized hound on the map!

Here is a water tower! YAY! :smiley:

I have several more weapons and props which have just been completed but i am not going to post any pictures due to that i don’t wont to clog up the forum with pictures of a barn house and stuff.

Also we are in desperate need of 3 experienced texturers to texture everything in the game.

Once we have a few mechs built and fully textured and a map fully done we will then start on coding for damage and other stuff.

Also we need 2 artists to start work on the main menu, mini map, radar ect.

I would like to get a movement of legs and controls done and a textured map done within this month!

By the end of November i would like would like a fully working mech that shoots and moves and can react to the environment and also 1 map to be finished!

That’s all for now but updates will keep coming through out this week and so on!

Just completed a base thought i would share it with you all. Yes i know it is very similar to the chromehounds base but due to this game being based on that its no bigy.
Hop you like it any suggestions to add to it just say this goes everything as well just say if you dont like it and wont me to change it.

Changes applied!

Looks very cool man. One thing I am not sure of is the walls on the side though. Idk I just don’t like it. I can’t remember… in CH did that spot offer cover or no? I would always hate chasing those damn hover-pilers around bases haha.

oh god i remember doing that as well so gay ye i will make them alot thinner but if you did not know them 2 things on top of the base a mini gun turrets hehe :smiley:

Here is a pair of legs for a mech im still messing around with them to get them look right but i thought i would show you what i have done so far!


Ah those were my favorite legs for my soldier build! Haha! Memories come flooding back. I’m going to pick up a copy of chromehounds (for like 50cents haha) later this week so I can start studying some parts and maybe build some with you.

Still a little busy for now but when you finish that you can send it to me and I’ll see if I can animate it. Not sure how good it’ll be considering I have no reference to go by atm for animation, but I’ll try.

Also, PLEASE tell me you are planning on using easier-to-remember names for the parts than what they had for Chromehounds… that was crazy trying to remember all of those names, and you ended looking insane if you actually did remember them all haha.

Lol that all it is now i remember when it was £40 or $60 lol old times (the good times!)

Yeah the names will be allot easer to remember lol the names in chromehounds are just like you got what you know K0CornerK89GT lol. ye once i have done just adjusting things i will send it to you :smiley:

I’d be happy to do some modelling if you want. Looks like a really good project.

Thanks “Radioactive 123” much appreciated!

If you look here you can look at the pictures and get ageist of what Chromehounds if you never played it.

You can start modelling some track legs ( like the ones here )

But look closely at how it is made look at how the recall is absorbed by the pistons at the back and at the front.

try not to go over 2000 verts that is the limit on the legs but if it is then i will take a look and say that fine i see why its over that or no that need to go ect

Also anything cylinder use 12 rings for big stuff and for very small stuff 6!

Post the pic on the forum when done and i will take a look!

Welcome aboard!

i’d like to join in on this project as either a programmer or modeller just tell me the time frame within which you hope to complete this project

Thanks “CryptochildXR” for your interest!
I am looking for a time scale of 1-2 years on this but may be shorter depending on how many people join!

Your programming skills will be need ALOT! later but for now we are just modelling and some animations are being done!

If you would like to start modelling some cockpits that would be great Keep them below 1000 verts also remember the connectors their are 1 on each side 1 on top, 1 on bottom and one on the back this is how all the parts join together these do no count towards the 1000 verts!
Here are some reference images

Welcome aboard!