so is this correct?


Last post from me for today… i’m currently working on a different project with some friends from around my neighbourhood so i’m heading to our lab


Upload this cockpit here
And i will download it because you have you right idea there are just a few changes need to be made and 2 things added. I will do them then i will post and you can see what i have changed and will say why and stuff so the next one you do you understand how to model them. Correct idea just needs tweaking 80% their :smiley:
But so far good! :smiley:

But there are loads of different types of legs on there. Which ones? or doesn’t it matter.

Any legs try and make them have the style of the chromehound ones and we are aiming for around 100 legs all together that includes 4 legs, 2 legs wheelers, hovers and tracks for now. if you wont to you can start on the wheelers they are alot easer to do tbf the legs are very complicated and you really need the game to see how they work. just remember to add recoil pistons or big springs if you wont to make it unique and dont go over 2000 verts.

Here is an example

This is my tracks. A bit over at 2064 poly’s and 2010 verts


@ hunter, afaik, it’s more about the polys (tris) when it comes to game engines than about vertices. Furthermore keep in mind that most (if not all) game engines only work with tris, so if your model is all quads, you’ll have to double the amount of faces to see your poly count.

i read different but still where is the poly count? it only has verts, edges and faces?

Radioactive 123 could you upload it here and send me the link

So i can take a look.

Looks good from hear but im just going to do a check all around it kk

I’ve uploaded it. Is it up there?

Here it is:

Sorry here is the new one:

I need the link when you upload it copy the web address :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope that link does not work.

When you upload it it should take you to the page to download it that is the address i need.

All good just did a few changed and added the connector and that’s it good job! :smiley:
Note for next time dont do so much detail on the wheels. Also make them separate not apart of that 1 model.

Now you have an idear of what the wheelers are like make another but of course different to that one!

Just done the first track legs for the game. yes i know the tracks are not on due to my blender not being able to do it for some reason never works never has.

verts 2078 face’s 2622

Hope you like :smiley:

I think the face count is the poly count.

Hi i never played the game and am not the greatest modeler but i would be more than happy to model
the more simple items like guns turrets etc etc i will try almost anything

I asked this a while back, got an accurate answer from my buddy Kram.

Forgot where I read the post, but basically facecount is just that: the amount of faces. Poly count would be exactly double the facecount as long as you used all 4-sided faces for your mesh. In short, quad-sided face = 2 poly. Tri-sided face = 1 poly.

If you are building and want to play it safe, you can simply double what your facecount is and assume that is your poly count. As long as you didnt go overboard on triangles it should be fairly accurate. Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I too can’t believe Blender doesnt just simply tell you the tris/polys. Kinda weird.

polycount is basicly the amount of tris, when it comes to game engines atleast. If you want to see how many tris your model has, go in to editmode, select all (you´ll either have to press a 1 or 2 times) then triangulate your model with ctrl t (if I remember correctly) and then check the face count you have.

Also if you hit F12 to relnder the image it will give you an exact polly count In the upper right Corner of the render Window.

Thanks that helped them tracks have 3690 polys but i think RobMonty1987 rule of doubling face count is a good idea because it will play very safe within the limits! think we will go by that.
I just read on a website about how many polys the xbox can handle and apparently its millions so i think we will be fine on the pc but thanks for the heads up.