Mech pics

They aren’t really finished projects and not really WIP. Anyway, couple of (I think) quite nice shots using my endlessly WIP mech.

Waddaya think??

hey, i think those look pretty sweet.

only things are that on the first one, the particle effects used for the bouncing rain (at least i think thats what you did) is a little to regular, us can see lines of bouncing rain. just randomize the placement of the vertices a bit.

on the second one there could be a weak light in front. You probably want the front to be darker for the mood but i think just a weak light in front could help it.

Aside from that, i really like the modelling and the setting of the first image. Good job! :slight_smile:

Nice render, but not very believable. There appear to be no mechanics other than simple hinges. Perhaps a hydraulic system, or an ambiguous encasement of his joints would help the illusion along.

In keeping with the mechwarrior universe:

for example.

Must admit it does look strange, but that’s how they do the joints.

Better to make it according to your own vision of what a mechanoid looks like. No need to conform to standards. :wink:

Great job on the dust, maybe add something to make the scale mor clear? Hydraulics are also a good idea, and it needs to be mor high tech looking; right now it looks like a cast iron model of a mech, not a mech. Add rust, scorches around guns, etc.

It has rust, you just can’t see it for the effects… :smiley: