mech skeleton

(IanC) #1

I am making a mech, these are just the legs.
btw It is a simple mech

(digitalSlav) #2

nice organic design. can’t wait to see more!

(paradox) #3

nice, looking forward to seeing more.

(beatabix) #4

nice, reminds me of that Maya promo pic, with the femme-bots building another femme-bot surrounded by spare parts.

only two crits really:

  1. knee joint definitely needs work. current design breaks the fluidity of the rest of the form, and needs bevelling. maybe if you reworked the design a little and put some spacers in there with a black rubber texture. could improve the design to rit better with everything else.

  2. hips, in my opinion, cut in too far. the ball joints are too close together. you’ll probably find, when you build the rest of the mech, that those hips look kinda funny.

these are just my opinions obviously. i havn’t seen the big plan.
(nobody posts sketches around here, why is that i wonder?)


(S68) #5

Interesting design, can’t wait to see more


(IanC) #6

I’ll get workin on those. Actually, i got the knee joint idea from that maya ad! This was all done in about 10min.
I was just doin the knees, then followed them on, so i havent got any sketches yet.