mech spider in SSS landscape (with sound)

just say wat you think or ask what you want to know:D


I really like the motion… I don’t get the SSS landscape but it didn’t look bad at all. Good work!

ok wow thtas amazing…how long did it take you to animate that?..and was it hard to animate?..

Is that all straight up animation, or a walk cycle on a bezier curve? Nice job btw, I’m not really digging the SSS landscape though.

A really good job is done, i liked it a lot.

nice the spiders motion is really good. The background is cool too. maybe you should make the spider do something though

Well done. No slipping, no legs going through the ground (that I could see - higher res vid on vimeo possible?) Did you use something like the walk-o-matic script? I’ve tried to animate a spider, and it’s not easy.

nice. I’m part ways through a scorpion test animation…similar idea. Again - if you could expound on the actual animation method, that would be groovy.

nice model too, from what we can see on the 'tube.

Very impressive animation!

The environment is a bit… odd.

wow! very cool animation! do you mind sharing .blend file?

Awesome, SSS is strange material for ground. How did you constrain the legs to the ground?

yeah sorry i didn’t answer sooner but i had a bussy time lately…

so first i animated a walk cicle and then i used the “man candy” method( i cal it that becouse it helped me allot): with the NLA strip and an nla modifier to follow the curves ( i made 5 curves 1 for the middle and 2 left and right -> so 4x2 legs are using the same curve)
if anyone wants more explanation just ask :slight_smile:

because the curves had lots of bends i had to tweek the speed of the curves ( otherwise some legs where to fast and others to slow)

the ground i know is a bit weird but i wanted it to look as it was on a foreign planet with a weird ground ; i actualy wanted the legs to sink a bit into the ground like it would be skin but that was a bit hard to do ( if anyone has other sugestions for the landscape please let me know)

an of course verry much thanks for the comments i’ll post more of my animations soon ( and how do i upload a .blend? 'cause i never done that)


Cool, a tutorial on riggin the spider would be a great help

i don’t know if this works but i’ve put it in my skydrive thing and i heard that u guy’s should be able to download it from there.:eyebrowlift2:

it was to big to upload in the forum.

also if it works the .blend is totaly fucked up (i don’t know how that comes) but u should be able to see how it works (also sory for the sick landscape the spide walks on -> you’ll see what i meen):smiley:

here is the link :

cool. skydrive works. nice blend. Thanks.

How did you get it to follow separate curves? I’ve done the same thing with 1 curve, but I can’t think of how to parent to three separate ones…

great i like it

just ad more modifiers in the nla strip that affect other bones and use other curves (i have 9 modifiers)

Dude. That is good.

Very nice animation