Mech (Timberwolf/Mad Cat Mk 2 variant)


Well, my Alfa 8c is still in WiP but I wanted to model something else for a change. Just to keep things interesting I guess.
Anyway, I’ve always loved mechs from the Battletech universe. I remember when I was younger I saw some picture of Mechwarrior 2 on some pc-game magazines cover. It was the picture of mech model named Timberwolf and I thought it was so cool! Of course I played the games and drew some pictures, especially with the Timberwolf.

So now I wanted to model some Mech related stuff. The mech is Mad Cat (known as Timberwolf) mk 2 with slight modifications. I want to make it look like it have seen some battle and I try to tell somekind of a story with the final composition. The modeling is coming together and I’ll try out some explosion/firing particle effects with Blender with this project. So hopefully the final render is intense battle scene with pilot and all. We’ll see…

Someway Mech’s bring in mind some kind of a heavy attack helicopter or plane like Russian Hind or American A-10 Cuba. Heavy armor and a lot of firepower. So I keep that in mind as I continue with the model…

Excellent work so far.


Added some simple missiles, armor and parts. The texturing is lacking but gotta model all the parts first.