Mech, well so far

lately for the past month i have been very down and without inspiration, yesterday i started this and have decided to actually get this done, so here are the legs so far:
they are low poly, but i plan on adding more later.

C&C please

not much to say other than ‘Mmmm legs’

looks like a nice start

please turn setsmooth and OSA on.

those look pretty good so far but im gunna have to agree i think it would look better if yo tur on “set smooth” but thats just my opinion

You know, mech’s are so easy, yet, so hard. It all depends on what you want to put on them. I got inspired to do a robot after watching I-Robot. But as for the legs, they look nice. (So Far)

Your legs look anime inspired.
keep it up.
So far so good.

great start!

you should do a Battletech mech. they are cool…


thanks, The reason that there is no oversampling is because it was just a quick render i had on hand. i was planning on making in some sort of mattle mech, i have some ideas that i have had on my mind for some time now that im going to try. thanks for the c’n’c and ill post a smoothed version as soon as im done with this project that i have to do this weekend.