Mech wip

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Ok so i decided to challenge myself to making a mech and so far i like my progress. total time spent about an hour (im not too good at modeling yet). Is there anything that i should fix, add, tweak or remove? i’d really like to hear your critiques

Well, for a mech, there is a big lack of detail. Parts that are to be rounded should be set to ‘smooth’, and and to make the roundness look better there should be enough verts in edge loops to really make it look smooth. Another way to make a model look better is to bevel any sharp edges.

As far as detail is concerned, I like the bands around its thighs… more of that needs to be put in. The majority of the model is bare… there really should be all kinds of panels, wires, motors, gears, lights, ect. The only thing I don’t like about what you have so far are that the ‘knees’ are paper thin and the feet look a little unnatural… but for a beginner modeler you have a good start. Keep working!:smiley:

just a detail suggest, make a bunch of wires coming from a opening in his back going to the back of the rockets also… you can add some arms or another set of legs

I’m not going to give you many tips on improving this model but I will make a few suggestions on how to approach something like this.

Do you draw? Can you put down a few lines on a piece of paper that you will at least yourself understand? Well then, draw some quick conceptual ideas and fill them in with references. This could be anything from other mech bots and even a car engine or a machine at some factory. Anything. Then translate that into a 3D model. Remember that the rough sketch is not the final answer to your idea. It’s only a guide.

Aso; and this is very important for any mech design - look at the human form and translate that into machine. It sounds strange but when you look at (for instance) Japanese bot designs they are based on the familiarity of the human form and that is what really personalise them.

Your bot has got some nice thighs and upperleg ‘muscles’ but the feet are more duck or bird-like than human. The torso area is getting there but it needs more definition. A well build male usually has prominent pec areas - look at some anatomy books.

How does your joints move? How does your joint areas function? Take some time to figure this out. It will be worth it.

I like the overall idea and mdoel. It just needs some clarity and logic. :wink:

Those rocket launchers could come out the shoulders if you would add arms.

I think you should either…

  • Change single edges to three edges (CTRL-J adds an edgeloop) so that “subdiv” modifier does not distort if added. This will give beveled edges (or you could use the bevel too, though I’m not a fan of Blender’s bevel).
  • Leave it like it is, but make others for a battle scene.
  • If you learn how to move object centres, you could parent the parts to act as limbs (object “parent” rig with no armature)

This looks like an early piece for you… keep it fun.

The legs look far to long and thin in comparison to the body…

Also, i agree that the launchers should be put on his shoulders and arms added