I’ve just started modelling the arm from my drawing of my mech, just wanted to know if the lower gun part of the arm which is very straight and geometric disrupted the flow of design from the more organic upper arm. c&c r welcome.


IMO it does bevle should fix

looks good so far

I agree. I don’t really know if it matters what way you go with it, but the top half all has smooth corners and the bottom halve’s corners are all well defined.

I’d imagine you should pick one and stay with it.

Amazing attention to detail!

I think the corners on the top of the upper arm are too curvy… but maybe that was intentional, because you look like a very capable modeler.

Thx for the comments guys. Yeah the top curve is intentional, its part of the pivot guard for the upper arm, it will make sense when i model that part, unless you talking about the two main pieces of upper arm amour than yeah they are too curvy(will fix that). As for the gun arm I’ve decided to make it more orgainic like.


if you keep the level of detail like for the hole model it wil be ground breaking

ok then AN][ARES i will, i plan to animate it, I storyboarded the entire thing on my too universty (from london to rotchester, 1hr 45 min train journey—>very zzzzzzzzZZZZZ). The scene is the mech climbing a hill to engage a bio mechanoid monster.

Great work! Keep going with this. Do you suppose you could offer me some insight into strategies employed in creating detail? %| I have trouble just “making stuff and doo-dads” that makes machines look realistic.

Sure no problem, I find the best way is to model each part of machine, so you could in theory put it all together and it would actually work; (I will mark the words of importance) For example I have pneumatic pump this would be made of 3 cylinders and would have to attach to a arm secured by bolts, which in turn would hang from a simple securing frame which all would be bolted(i make my bolts simple and quick a cylinder with 16-32 sides as the washer, and a 6 sided cyclinder beveled as the nut and another narrower cyclinder 16 sides going through them as the screw)now you have to imagine that the pump would need a pipe to supply air pressure, the pipe would have to secured to the machine by clips also bolted on to make sure the pipe/cable dosnt get caught and then you will need a compressor for the air( if visable, otherwise dont bother). In short lol (most in one post for me so far), it’s about thinking laterally, can this move if it has this, can this stay without having an attachement, does this need power or a hinge, would i need to screw this in etc,etc…etc. try this website for cars and machinary.

Damn that looks sweet :o, yeah like everyone else said just soften up the edges on the bottom part and youll be fine, i cant wait to see this thing finished!