This one was rendered in YafRay with GI
These were rendered in Blender Internal renderer with AO(if you need it brughter, just say so, these renders took about 30 sec):

How come black doesn’t render well?

Hmm, interesting. . . . Kinda different :slight_smile: .

Hmm, interesting. . . . Kinda different :).

Really? Thanks! How is it different?

Here are some new pics.

The legs on this mech look a bit anemic compaired to the cockpit, and imo the cockpit is not that great, just seems too blocky/out of place with the rest of the mesh-work. Love mechs though so keep it up!! =)

Well, to me it looks rather fancy. Well, most of it, anyway. Almost decorative. Usually people portray mechs as stained, rugged war machines. Your’s looks something that is really high-tech, but still made to look fancy. like some of the things people made in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, if I’m not mistaken. For example, ever seen The Time Machine? (H.G. Wells?) It’s a miraculous piece of equipment, of the scientist even goes out of his way to make it look stylish.