Don’t wait for anymore than pict :

looking nice…not really any crits here because it is just started right? keep up the good work

Well its defiantly coming together. I like the hand - it looks cool.

Nothing much to comment on until you start nearing completion and are starting to setup the scene and finish the mesh and what not.

Anyway - keep it up because it will be interesting how this ‘mech’ turns out.

Looking forward to more updates,



Yeah, looking good. The first few screenies reminded me of the Summoners from Fable: The Lost Chapters. With progress though, it looks different. But, yeah, looking forward to rigging and textures on this one.

Rigging will be a real challenge !

Maybe. I think you can do it.

The mesh is complex, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Any reason why the fingers haven’t been set smooth?

In fact, why not ?

uh… wha?