Decide to do a mech nothing special. It’s not done.


Added weapons, and feet. This will be in a animation.


Looks good so far! Glad so see some more details in the last pic! Can’t wait to see more of this!

I am trying to animate the legs when I set an Ipo curve for one leg it copies to the other I have tried to fix this. They are not parented together or anything but I can’t seem to have them have there own separate ipo curves.

If you want to have one leg have the same IPO curve as the other you can select them in the Curve window. And to make sure they stay at their certain place you might want to use the DLoc to ensure that. I am not sure if that is what you are getting at but that is the best answer I can come up with.

no I need the opposite of what you said both legs are doing the same thing they need to different ipo, but thanks for your time anyway.

never mind solved it.

Oh then you should just hit that same thing and then hit Add New. Parenting them to the body would help though. I don’t know exactly how to achieve that result. Good luck!

I added working hydrolics.


would your mech be interested in fighting my dinosaur in the near future?

haha maybe

I love this! Reminds me of MechWarrior2… which was the one thing I missed when switching from Windows to Linux.

I loved MechWarrior2! That was the best game that my computer could play well and it was awesome!

Love the hydraulics, that should add a lot of realism if you can rig it right. Great work so far!

It is rigged right

Started to texture. I am using color map, spec map, and normal map.


Might want to ease off on the shinyness, even if it is metal. Looks promising though at this early point.

I’m liking the idea of mech vs. dinosaur… :wink:

Looking good, although it seems to be a bit ‘messy’ at the base of the model in the middle. Seems that you have a few triangles their, i could be wrong, nonetheless, i think it needs fixing up.

The dinosaur (v1.0) is finished. If you feel like doing some actions for your mech for use in the NLA editor, then upload it and I’ll try to organise a fight.

Of course, the easy way for my dino to win would be to just scale him up and have him eat your mech

then my mech shoots his insides.