Arms needed all done in blender


Do you have some concept or do you imagine things “on the fly” ?

ive looked at lots of concepts for inspiration but never went off of any

i dont know about the hand yet but maybe


over all look


some textures

Something is telling me this is going to be a really good project. I didn’t see it mentioned, but are you considering rigging and animating this?

I dont know but im considering it

Are you going to make it an old, rusted and damaged Mech? I was kinda hoping for a neat, shiny and detailed mech maybe with a few “battle scars”…
Anyway, I’ll keep and eye on this thread and is looking forward to see whats going to happen next :slight_smile:

What is the purpose of this machine??? Will be easier to give suggestions if you know what its for?
Belt driven hands don’t look like a best way to go…all it can do with that design is wave at people at the entrance to the shopping mall. :slight_smile:

I did a mech a few years back…have a look, MAYBE you will find something interesting.

Keep it up.