(basse) #1

well, this is the creature I was working on before I had a serious HD crash, and nearly lost everything… I had some older versions of this, but not enough time to finnish it for the mechanical-life competition… so I’m in no hurry now :slight_smile:

here’s how it currently looks:

here’s a link for the fullsize one:


(S68) #2

THis is very sweet :slight_smile:

Sorry you didn’t manage to post this version. I’ve seen the one you submitted, but this is cooler …


P.S. Blender 2.22???

(harkyman) #3

Yeah, this is really cool. I love it. How much of the mechanics work?

BTW, you don’t back up your HD every night? EVERYONE does it. I CERTAINLY do it. :wink: All the cool kids are doing it. Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

(BgDM) #4

Excellent model. Nothing to crit.


(basse) #5

thanks thanks thanks! encouraging words… in this time of despair…

there is still lot to be done, modelling and finally the bones (I’m horrible at making those)… and all the textures on the creature currently are quick procedurals … clouds and blends mostly… just to guide my way how I want him to look… I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with procedurals only, or start using imagemaps later… well see what happens.

there is currently no bone system, at all… so he cannot walk. also, when you turn the key, try to wind him up, you will notice, that some curcial parts are missing inside… the clock wont wind… heh. so, I would say, he is broken, at the moment.
oh, and I dont have a cd burner, so backuping has been a pain… I’m surely buying one now…


(ookami77) #6

haha! I like the rakes for feet! Nice detail… did you use some post-processing for the grain or what? Really cool model!

(Idgas) #7

very nice nothing to crit. only question, what kinda bird is it??!??!

(basse) #8

ookami77: yep. feet are rakes… and the head is my old bicycle seat (without the leather cover) … and there is some gimp-noise in it… I hate that clean look all those 3d apps produce… also, heavy jpeg-encoding makes nice distortions…

idgas: it’s a mecha-bird :slight_smile:


(kaktuswasse) #9

yeah, great work!!
Would have been surely one of the best entries…At least better
than mine,but hey thats not so difficult :wink:
cya henrik