Mecha Solipsist

Something I’ve been doodling in the margins of my notes for a while, and an excuse to do some more free-form modeling in Blender, UVing and have a crack at the Armature IK system. I also would like to see the refraction in the Sketchfab shader. I was going for a retro scifi feel, and maybe more than a bit of Mars Attacks and Invaders from Mars, and late 50s car design. I’m still getting used to Blender, and really enjoying it.

Some more images on my Artstation Blog, and I’d love some feedback.


I did a fast Substance pass and thought I would post it.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

PS: I edited your Sketchfab embed - no need to copy the HTML, just put the link to your Sketchfab model in your post and the player will load.

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Made an environment and a rig to pose the character in. The rig is skinned, but the IK/Rigging isn’t set up yet, a 4 bone articulted IK chain with a system I don’t really know was a bit ambitious. But I got to spend a bit of time making an environment and use some more tools in the Blender toolkit. Vertex color, EEVEE shaders, lighting, and tried out some various Add-Ons like Archimesh. I also really like being able to work with in a Fully PBR environment. Want to expoder the EEVEE volume shader more, and get an IK solution that works for the legs. As always I appreciate any and all feedback, questions and critiques.