Mecha Spider Update...

(S68) #1

…things are getting a little monotonous aren’t they?


1 - I LOVE LightFlow

2 - I exported a layer with backup stuff, that’s why there is some floating stuff behind.

3 - Spider head and muntain peak beneath it still lacking.


(rixtr66) #2

very cool,and large! :o im guessing thats a terragen background?
it looks like you used a probe…hmmm,i like the mechanics,complex,waaay
cool.its coming along nicely!!


(S68) #3

Thanx rixtr66…

I made a terragen landscape, made 6 ortho view at 800x800 with eeshlo script, converted to a 2048 lightprobe with eeshlo HDRI utility and then made up a 4096x2048 spheremap for ambient light (is there something eeshlo didn’t do?)

Now I’m studying the eyes :o


(BgDM) #4

Stefano, very nice model.

I have a problem with the proportions of the legs though. They should get fatter/beefier as they get closer to the body, (unless thay are made of some sort of super strong alloy :wink: ), so they will be able to support the weight of the body. Also, as they get stronger towards the body, the cylinders will need to also get larger to provide more force to move them.

I hope you will be animating this in lightflow as well.