Here’s a mecha model I’m working on for a game:

So, I need help rigging it. The only animated parts will be the legs and torso (torso is everything above the piece that connects the legs). It’s made up of a bunch of separate objects but needs to function as one “actor”.

PS- I’ve read tutorials, but they have dealt with rigging actors composed of a single mesh, not a bunch of objects like this one.
PPS- Comments onthe model would also be apreciated!

simply make the armature for the legs and then name each bone in the armature IE: Thigh, SHin , Foot and then take the thigh mesh and make it the child of the armature like this “select the thigh and shift select the armature and press Alt>>P make parent to armature and name groups” then go into edit mode for the thigh and go to the thigh bone group and select all the vertices in the thigh and assign them to group “Thigh”

then all the loose parts just parent them to an empty and parent the armature to the empty.

good luck.

Another thing you could do is to create the skeleton like blafenking said, but instead of making vertex groups for each of you separate parts, you can (because they are not the same object) select the object, then shift select the armature and hit ctrl-p. You get a menu, select Bone, and choose what bone you want to have control that part.

If you want the make everything the same mesh, you can select multiple meshes and hit ctrl-j. Then you have to deal with vertex groups.

Have fun.