After metal slug tank I decided to get serious designing a mecha.
This is just the foot and took me a lot of time (about 5 hours of work).
The colors are just to try something different than the simple modelling.

Comments and helps always appreciate.


Interesting lighting rig… I think you could simplify it a bit, and use AO or AAO to lighten up the really dark parts. A few spots around the outside would give you a nice will lit render IMO. (slightly out of date but im sure you can figure it out).

I also suggest you explore the edgesplit modifier, it will make your rendered mesh look a lot cleaner.

Otherwise, it’s a good start… just makes sure all the normals are facing the right way. And I’m a fan of doing clay renders until the modelling is finished, but for projects like this it probably wont make a difference. Up to you.

A quick update.
I built most of the leg, now I have a problem on the joint. Have to joint the leg with the body, but I’m a little stucked here. I don’t know how to join the leg to the main body. I don’t like the joint I did, looking for something better. Any idea?


A few, but I would like to see what the leg is attaching to first before putting any of them forward. Nice progress though. Lighting could be improved, to show off the detail at the back, and the render could be larger, but otherwise it a big step forward.

Played a little with lights to get a better image


but otherwise it a big step forward.

Kind of funny you say that considering he is modeling a leg. It looks pretty good so far. As far as connecting the leg to the body it all depends on what you have in mind for the body. You have any sketches you did? I don’t know what you have planned but maybe you could have another part that body connects to that also connects to the leg. Like a mechanical pelvis or something.

It’s good, makes it clearer, but the darkness makes it look better, I think.

…pun NOT intended.

That looks so cool!

Somethings to think about would be if the legs were to raise or lower independently or are they connected to the engine at the hips by a single shaft (independent rear suspension versus straight axle, kind of like a car).
Would this mech be required to spread its legs or keep them in the same vertical alignment at all times? If the legs could adjust outwards and inwards then you would need some independent manipulation at the hip joint. If the legs are far enough apart, it probably doesn’t matter.
Does the shock absobing come from the leg compressing at the knee joint or does the hip provide the means to dampen up and down movement? How much does the upper body overhang the hips on either side? It wouldn’t do to have the legs move up and hit the upper body. is a site for enhancements to the mechwarrior 4 game. They have a very good art forum and you can get ideas from there.

By the way, I like the leg so far. It looks pretty good.

I’d advise a pelvis type attachment on the lower body that slots into the top leg gear thingo like linuxpimple suggested, imagine a mechanical chicken ;). Conversely you could attach it via a pauldron type model that goes on top of the leg to create a waist like attachment. I’d say go for a AT-AT walker style. I love those things.

Ok another update here. I had a lot of problem with the upper body part, I deleted and remade it almost three times.
I came out with this at the end, but still have problems with the head. If I use the smooth tool it seems bad, if I din;t smooth it doesn;t blend with the rest of the mecha that is smooth.
I attached the mecha smoothed and unsmoothed.
Some helps here?


Are you basing this off of a picture or a model, or is it your own design? It’s quite good.

The shading looks a bit odd around the “head”. Are you using subsurf for smoothing? It almost looks like it’s just “Set Smooth”.

Can you post a wireframe?

It’s my own design.

Yes I just setted set smooth, and it looks odd to me also. Something wrong. If I use subsurf it change the size of the head too much.

Here’re the wireframes.


Another quick update:
I reworked entirely the head extruding the body mesh this time (So it was going to blend better) and using subsurf instead of smooth. I like the results.
I placed also some small details like antenna and some air vent that aren’t on previous rendered image.
Now my mech needs some arms and weapons and a nice background.

Can someone help me with the bg? I didn;t understand how to place it and is momentarily down :frowning:


Try using bevel and edgesplit on the parts of your model that are set smooth, it will add a bit more realism. Alternatively, subsurf works very well if used correctly, Crtl-R is your friend to keep the shape looking right.

Not sure what you mean…

another thing you can try is if you select portions of the mesh and hit shift+e and drag the mouse you can adjust how much the subsurface affects the mesh. That is one way you can get it a little sharper.

I really like your design; “chicken-leg” mechs really appeal to me. :yes:
It looks good at an angle, but in the side and top views, it looks a bit “tail” heavy. Could you move the mass of the body forward until it is over the feet? Just a suggestion.

Ok another few modification.
Revorked mech sides and improved head.
I had to redone sides two times because blender crashed and didn’t recover last session. I learn to save often.

Anyway, I wanted to put some AA guns also but was unable to find a decent place were to place them. I want to place the on the upper back side but there isn’t enough space.


Looking good, although the nose could do with some improvement. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the model.
How do you bevel nitronic?