Here’s my new project:

got it. Now, I’d break it down a bit further, foot, shin, thigh and hips, torso, upper arm, lower arm. Try to break it down far enough to where each part is about equal complexity to your original robot.

Here’s the begin of the model stating with the head:

looks good, turn down the bevel, move on. Dont spend too much time on perfection at this point.

I finish the torso here’s the result:

looks good! keep on moving!

Sorry for the wait here’s the Mecha with his weapons:

Wow. Take it a step at a time, its pretty impressive how quickly something can get pretty cool.

Now I am going to do the hips, knee, lower legs and feet

Finish the Upper Legs:

You’ve got some nice plating going on.

hmm… it would appear that you’re using multiple meshes… although this won’t hurt now, when you get to texturing, it’ll be a pain in the neck…