MechaCop - Going OPEN SOURCE (2nd Try)

Hi Everyone,

This is my second Try to make MechaCop an Open Source Community project at a small benefit for me.

I have worked on the FPS problem and now
Sadly MechaCop is FPS only. But The FPS movement works fine now.
As for 3rd person i haven’t disabled it yet - it is still there - hope i can fix it… It is challenge i am gonna solve.

I haven’t worked on the textures yet though but just going through some tuts

For those who don’t know :
MechaCop is First Person Shooter game made in Blender. It has 30 levels and 17 monsters and 10 weapons. It is a Casual Fun Shooting game rather than a Serious Game. You don’t need to be a Sharp Shooter. Just shoot at the Ugly Monsters and see them die off - have fun.

I want you reviews and support.

The Demo has 5 levels only.

More Screenshots can be downloaded from HERE


1. Windows Version (~15 mb)
Pack contains MC Demo & Blender Game Loader - Install Both to play.

2. Linux & Other OS Version:
I would require the help of some one in making these version. MechaCop is not self contained. It required additional files for configuration. It runs only in 2.41 and When one level ends it automatically starts another level - this seems to overwrite files in blender. So i would require the help of someone to pack up the blend & config files along with blender player and provide some kind of .Bat to run it dynamically.


I shall release the full game for review later on. Now i would like some review on the Demo.
Click the “View Log Book” button to know about remainging levels


PS : I haven’t changed the first level which was said to be boring - I think it was boring because the player has a basic weapon with which he has to shoot 2 or 3 times to kill every monsters - So i have enabled the next weapon.

I have auto-enabled all Weapons - So you can try them just by pressing Keys 1 to 0.

'Kay i re-downloaded it, The mouselook is better but still moves strangely. You can’t really turn around fast enough to attack the enemies that are charging you up the a**.

Still, the game was pretty fun and i enjoyed reading about the other levels aswell as looking at the monsters and their animations. I got to the fourth level of the game but got sick of falling through the floors (when they go invisible near the start bit lol).

Also my machine gun kept running out of ammo… i could take down a couple of guys before it ran out but there was no where near enough bullets for it… or maybe i’m just a slight bit trigger happy…

Fun game, I still think you can improve on the mouselook though… maybe re-writing the mouselook script? I don’t know if that would help really.


Another thing that’s good about this game is how you can change the Mechacop dude’s suit colour, aswell as the crosshair and the controls.

It was much funner playing with WASD than it was with The arrow keys.

Thanks Microwave
In the 4th level stand in the Black Step between the sand and the Empty area. Shoot the Ghost monster and kill him. Then the Level will appear…
If you don’t want to run out of amo add cheat code “nithyam”

Be sure to read my last post in your other thread.

I see you’ve simplified the description of your game. That’s a good start at making restoration. Listened and learned; you get a point!


funner…isn’t a word…=D…downloading now I wanna check it out

but more funner is a state of being.

Thanks StuFlower .