Mechanic 8230 - Alpha v1.0.1


The main character is surmounting obstacles, is looking for a way out of the city, gradually going down in history of this post-apocalyptic world. The adventure begins in prison scientific laboratory.

The another update of the demo Mechanic 8230 is released! We will be very glad to your feedback and appreciate if you will record video of your first passage of game. Or just report the error.)

Download here>>

[03/07/2017] Mechanic 8230 Pre-Alpha version 0.3


  • The second level (this level contains 3 rooms and 3 characters);
  • Something was modified in menu and in first level ;
  • Saving of levels and some objects;
  • PDA with the possibility to insert the chips(open to P, the chips will also be on 1,2,3…);
  • Scrolls;
  • Remembrance;
  • On and Off the background music ( does not save);
  • The new system of starting the game from the script, with the blenderplayer into a separate folder;
  • Improved storyline! Everything is much more interesting than than we planned!


  • The game settings;
  • Development of a radiation-protective suit;
  • At this stage there may be errors that will be corrected in the next update.


Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Blender, Gimp, Krita

Katherine Novakovskaya, Igor Tverdokhleb.

Mihail Bagazov, Anton Shuligin, Andrei Voloshin



© 2020 Nudiventra


I really like the style of the artwork and actions. I get tired of the usual shoot 'em up kill kill kill sort of games… The carttoony sort of humor you use in yours is a nice change to that.

Like Anthony said, nice style and vibe. @46 it looks like he falls into lava? Not a big deal though, would still play.

Awesome oldschool style. I like your logo also :slight_smile:

Small but awesome! :slight_smile:

It looks really great. The movement and animation is a little too sharp in ending and starting, You might want to smooth it out a little, maybe add some blend-in value to the animation…

Thank you! I agree with you! Actually, i also think game could be kinder, more intellectually stimulating and informative)

Thanks! No. That lava flowing on a narrow gutter and is the part of the quest. The lava inflaming this rebar and you can’t just take it)

Thank you for your rating) We are glad that you like)

Thank you very much!

Yes, the animation of the main character will be completely redone! This character was created about 3-4 years ago with this animation. We are developing the new character and also new animation (including different actions for example when the character take or bring something for unscrewing bolts) Thanks for your rating)

Good work.

What are the technicals to this project? Bricks, python code?

Ah right, the character is an older project file as mentioned above.

Thanks) Yet, is enough game logic. If necessary, we will use scripts. This game are making by two artist


Mechanic (Test 0.02)

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Amazing work, (I have been working on something similar for quite some time)

***** - rated

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Some artworks from the game Mechanic


Mechanic City


Hi! We published first demo of the game “Mechanic”. We only have versions for Linux.
Windows and MacOS versions will be soon. Now you can try first level, but in the next demos will be two levels.

Download Demo Pre-Alpha 0.1
Tested on Linux Xubuntu 16.04)

Mechanic - Demo Pre-Alpha 0.1 32-bit (176,7 Mb)
Mechanic - Demo Pre-Alpha 0.1 64-bit (206,6 Mb)

Looking good. I like the characters!

Tested (Ubuntu 16.04 64bit, R9280 with open drivers), it works like a charm.

JohnyBGooD, pgi - Thank You:)!

Download for Windows and MacOS - [link>>


amazing game art…I love KROKOL character…great job!! 10/10

would you port this game for Godot engine?’re such a talented artists and Godot needed it(more talented artists):slight_smile:
Godot is a great engine.

Mistran ( Go play in traffic)