Mechanic 8230

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BPR…get a pencil and go create something:):smiley:

(Nudiventra) #22

Thanks !
I like Godot, especially its possibilities in the porting and it is on Linux. All our team are working in Linux! Being an artist it’s easy to use BGE. At the moment, we have only artists and we are looking for a programmer who will help in the further development of Engine Roar. What is already talking about moving to a different engine, it requires a programmer who knows him well;)

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I’m an artist, too…i don’t know program. but I’d like to program but it’s hard for artist:)…Godot in version 3,will have a visual scripting like Unreal engine(I hope better)…in Godot, the scripting language(GD script) is a lot like python.
Workflow in Godot is amazing…for example…to change the texture or something on a model in Gimp or Blender and imported model in Godot will automatically changes immediately.

Good inspiration and joy in game projects!

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Godot is pretty sick engine, very curious about that…

BUT! lets stay on topic guys.

Puup Zemlya: been waiting for this for a long time, love you guys awesome and interesting looking projects, I’m downloading win64 V right now and will play it and give a review here :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have the system I am using in BGMc I will maintain, it’s very generic and should fit the bill.

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[BGE] Mechanic (Test 0.03) - Demo Pre-Alpha 0.01

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  1. New logo:

  2. Enlarge object:

  1. New stile message:

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Is the enlarge thing an overlay?

Looks pretty cool :smiley:

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This just screams quality! It looks really polished and I can’t wait to see more. Your games let the bge shine.

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Thank you! No, this object zoom in to camera.

Thank you!

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Good news! The new version of the game Mechanic 8230 - Demo Pre-Alpha v0.2

Download here>>

Release Notes for Mechanic 8230


  • The main menu is modified;
  • The menu in the levels is modified;
  • The saving in the game is completed. Now the item “Continue” is active;
  • The item in menu “About” is modified;
  • The task with “safebox” is completed (thanks to Anton Shuligin);
  • The task “Help/Link” is realized(shows the basic task of the level);
  • New style and function of the cursor(when you click on the far objects, the cursor changes to the icon “to come closer”). The cursor is replaced when you direct and load the next level (icon of the open hatch);
  • Developed messages to communicate with the player(primarily perform the function of prompts);
  • Created a lot of new icons for menus and messages;
  • Added light and illumination of some objects, which can be contacted(mainly those which are necessary to complete tasks);
  • Developed a concept of radiation-protective suit(partially implemented);
  • New icon and logo of the game;
  • Fully finished 1 and 7 levels 2,3,6,8 about 70%;
  • Added walking on the keys WSAD;
  • Little changed the name of the game “Mechanic 8230”.


  • The second level as mentioned above is ready at 70% and will be included in the demo, only with the next update;
  • The version of the game for macOS not tested, may not work.

And two screenshots of level 2:

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I really like the art style of this game, good work :slight_smile:

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Thank you! )

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Mechanic 8230 (Test 0.04) - Demo Pre-Alpha v0.2

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The another update of the demo Mechanic 8230 is released! We will be very glad to your feedback and appreciate if you will record video of your first passage of game. Or just report the error.)

Download here>>

[03/07/2017] Mechanic 8230 Pre-Alpha version 0.3


  • The second level (this level contains 3 rooms and 3 characters);
  • Something was modified in menu and in first level ;
  • Saving of levels and some objects;
  • PDA with the possibility to insert the chips(open to P, the chips will also be on 1,2,3…);
  • Scrolls;
  • Remembrance;
  • On and Off the background music ( does not save);
  • The new system of starting the game from the script, with the blenderplayer into a separate folder;
  • Improved storyline! Everything is much more interesting than than we planned!


  • The game settings;
  • Development of a radiation-protective suit;
  • At this stage there may be errors that will be corrected in the next update.
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Let’s play from Miss Blue Plays! :slight_smile:

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Let’s play from MikeyBlighe

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The hangar in the development

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Looks very very nice to look at i see you using the same graphics for Engine Roar !!!


(Nudiventra) #40

Thank you! Yes, it is :). We do all in one direction. We like the post-apocalyptic dusty and rusty style.