Mechanical abstractions (composited image with 6 renderlayers)


-made with 2.42 preview 27 from Erwin
-6 renderlayers and composited together with alpha over nodes.
-aside from hair and strand renders, this has the most polys I ever had in a project (25,000 polys shy of 2 million)
-Used a special technique to create these abstract detailed shapes in only a minute or 2 PER SHAPE (try to guess)
-rendertime - 1 to 2 hours
-peak memory usage (last render) 780 megabytes
-AO using full texture render from a sky using magic texture

Is it the Discombobulator script?

Nope, no scripts have been used. It may look like it but it’s not from a script.

No scripts?

Oops! I attached this old photo I had by mistake and now I can’t remove it.
Oh well.
P.s. I did this a while ago,(and in 3 min.) so that’s why it’s kinda bad.

2 minutes ??
your secret method is really fast for creating such cool shapes !

is it using the new array modifier ???

would be very kind to share your technique with us…

Little misconception which I should correct, 2 minutes or so PER shape, not 2 minutes for all the shapes.

Extrude along normals + scale around centers in face-select?

Looks cool.


I’m assuming that the renderlayers were all seperate renders of the different shapes rather than passes.

At any rate, if you unified that blocks and made it into a mechanical type environment and got some real lighting in there you could actually turn this into a really cool project, perhaps have a character in the middle somewhere looking up, indicating a vastness to the environment.

Each shape was rendered in its own renderlayer, meaning each was on a different layer and used the renderlayers so each tile rendered renders one block after another because it starts with renderlayer 1 and ends with number 6. I then composited the different layers together to get the final render. Also I had to render this twice, once with the renderlayers so I can get the compositing setup together and once with do compositing checked.

I made the shapes using this techique (note the subdivide step may be anywhere you want it to be), also note, all select random operations here is 50% though different variation could be done with different percentages.

-start with cube
-toggle face select mode
-select random
-extrude individual (may pull the faces either way)
-select random again
-extrude individual
-select random
-select random
-extrude individual
-select random
-repeat select random and extrude individual faces until you get a reasonably dense mesh
-select all
-smooth (to prevent overlapping faces)

Be careful and make sure you conclude the steps if you feel your computer’s going to choke badly if you continue making more faces.

Also, I meant for the blocks to be seperate, that was the origional plan for this piece.

Kinda reminds me of your old works…

Anyway, it also looks more like a testrender to me than a full project. The technique you’ve described here seems to give good results, it looks a lot like a script or greebling. No wonder that your computer needed quite a lot of memory to render this.
But other than that, if I’m honest, it’s nothing special. You could try and make the lighting more dynamic, to give the render a better mood. It’s just so boring at the moment, no real movement or anything…
Hope you get the point :wink:

i sorta remember some of your older works, and i personally think this shows real artistic growth. i was sorta tempted to suggest focal blurring some of the layers to enhance depth, but the crispness is growing on me, and the central object still grabs your attention. everyone’s got a different aesthetic taste, but i for one really like this!

I like this one too.