Mechanical CGI Spider Animation

This animated mechanical spider is a final prototype for a short film.
It was shot on a Canon EOS 600d, the final film will be produced with a Panasonic GH4.
Please do not hesitate to leave feedback! :slight_smile:

I also would like to know if you prefer 6 legs like in the video or 8 legs like on a real spider.


I took a look at some reference material:
I prefer the 8 legs, as it gives a more ‘spidy’ feeling. Also notice that the spider in this video doesn’t walk as smooth as your spider but has a rather jagged feeling to it.

Wow i’m very impressed by this realistic mechanical spider

That animation is great. To me the shadow seems very wierd though. Kind of too soft and not enough dark…

Thanks for your tipps and feedback!
@ Joarn I guess the result is clearly, the final spider will have 8 legs.
@.Adam. You are right, I only used a dome light and AO. Next time I’ll add a direct one.

Nicely done, I also thought the camera work was very good. I do agree with Adam regarding the shadow.

the movement looks very realistic actually, but I think its too bright the whole scene, it creates noise in the composition as it almost looses focus because of the enviroment.

@harleynut97 Thanks! I used a transformed shoulderrig with added weights for the movement.
@Renham I appreciate your freedback and it’s unfortunate that you dislike the scene being that bright since I intended to create a certain atmosphere with it. I agree with you regarding the focus but this was the best shot I got without using a steadycam so I decided to use it anyway.

Nicely done.
I also kept thinking the shadow could be a little (and I mean just a little) stronger but I can’t be sure.
Good work!