Mechanical Death worm

Modeled using blender and rendered in keyshot.
Duration : 10 Hrs.
Polycount : 597650 Quads
Software used : Blender , Keyshot, Photoshop
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I like it a lot , but you should add a bit of scratched texture on it ,it seems too much smooth .

The model is good but the shader lacks of realism…
As said before, play with some textures and bump maps and add more of the glossy shader (change the env for more interesting color reflections)

awesome concept/design, u need to finish this imao

He actually used the Keyshot engine for rendering (which is a professional, but very expensive render engine initially designed for showcasing products or models).

It’s actually kind of strange in this case that one would say the material lacks realism, because their websites advertises their material options being based on measured data and even allows you to just drag a pre-made physically correct material onto the model (again, based on actual measured data).

The modeling job looks fantastic though.

Thank you to all…Actually it’s not textured, just to present the model, instead of clay render. Will texture soon…

Thank to all, This model is not textured. it’s just rendered using keyshot, instead of clay render. Hope, i will texture soon…