Mechanical Demon (UV color update)

Hey guys,

Thanks for taking the time to look at my model. I didn’t use a reference pic for this guy, he just came to me. He’s almost as I imagined him.

Right now, I’m searching google for pics of robots and mechanical limbs so I can get a better understanding of connectivity and locomotion. Hopefully I’ll be able to add a better amount of detail on his mechanical parts (my novice skill allowing)

Here’s three pics from different angles:

Wow, smooth out that Chest! The top is supposed to be organic, right? well then smooth is out. And Just the opposite for the bottom. But I love the idea and base model is stellar.

Its lookin pretty good so far.

A few things… The arms seem a bit funny to me. Esspecially his organic arm. Theres no tone to it Where as his chest and stomache are huge…

For the chest and stomache areas try to round them out a little more. Looking very square in that area.

His cheeks look too sharp. Prehaps raise the area below his eyes a little to round them out a little more.

The lower half is looking really good but the feet could use a little more work and hes looking a little pigeon toed at the moment.

Cant really tell but looks like itll be hell trying to animate it tho. Keep up the good work and youll have a very nice and original model there :slight_smile:

Framedworld: Thanks!, I’ll try to smooth his chest out in my next update.

feihongjr: Thanks for your input. After his legs and feet are more refined, I will definitely google muscle structure in humans. Hopefully this will give me some idea of how to beef his arms up.

Thanks guys!


I totally revamped his legs after looking at real life robots. I dunno though, do you guys think he needs hydraulic-like connections between his upper and lower legs? (I ask because he gives the impression of having alot of upper body weight.)

Smoothed out his chest and tried to smooth out the corners of his mouth (still needs work, though).
Edit: Also took away his arm-gun, but you could probably tell that already :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m googling muscular structure right now to see how to beef up his arms.

Here’s two pics showing off his new legs:

I like the new legs, they give him a scarier look. I can imagine them going ‘thunk, thunk, thunk’ as he walks.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Suggestions (everything is IMHO):
- Transitions between legs and body - where organic tissue and the machine connect, should not be very smooth, if you want your monster to look scary. Maybe even consider making the connection between body and machine litterally horrible (like lot’s of exterior machinery entering the body, don’t know if you understand);
- Legs and other inorganic areas, I wuold model them as separate pieces (read:meshes, even if still part of the same object), so to have more control -otherwise they risk to look too much organic. Yes, if you want, you could put some hydraulics (spelling?) systems on the legs, I think they would fit.

on PR’s first idea… maybe the other way around… veins and nerves going into the machinery… … and indeed.,… the muscles … but good work so faar… better than all of my work so far…keep going

Thanks for your suggestions guys, I will see what I can do to make his transition more painful looking.

At the moment though, I wanted to see what you guys thought of his new muscular(ish) arms and his new “hips”.

edit: been 4 hours trying to model a hand/claw thingy, added a pic of it close-up at the bottom. Also re-added a gun, which will probably be redone near the end of the modelling. I’m really thinking flamethrower with a hose running to a canister or something attached to his back. Maybe…

Another update.

My wife was walking by my computer and saw my model and made the comment that he looked a little like a Razorback, the Arkansas college mascot. I took this comment and ran with it. Made his head more “piggish”, took away the horns, and gave him some pointy ears and tusks.

Also, raised his torso so its “mounted” at three points, the main point being the spine. I will try to represent some ragged flesh hanging down under his torso as per PR’s suggestion (thanks PR!)

I really want to make his right arm a stump at the forearm and mount some kind of gun there. This just isn’t working out, anything I come up with looks like I’m “adding too much” to him. Hopefully I’ll figure something out.

Finally, I’d like to defend my use of “smooth machinery” at least in this particular model. All parts were made by Caynan Industries (copyright year 2290); the leader in super-sleek robotic parts and accessories. So Nyaa! Hehe, just kidding.

Enough typing, here’s 3 new pics:

I’ve been all week trying to decide on uv colors. Anything I make in gimp or paint seems to look like plastic. Finally just went to the store and bought some acrylic paint. I painted some card-stock printer paper and scanned it into my comp. Probably should have used a better quality paper.

Haven’t been able to add any ragged flesh to his underside yet, nothing I add looks good, may just leave him the way he is. Anyways, here’s what I got so far.

As has been stated, nice concept.

A suggestion: take a moment or two to think about which parts of the model are individual objects. For example, the thighs lower legs and feet are all seperate mechanical parts, the teeth are seperate parts from the lips, etc.
I recommend making these parts seperate mesh groups, not neccessarily seperate objects, just not connected in the mesh.
This should help you keep your mesh clean and be able to add detail where needed. Should be much easier for you to model as well.