Mechanical Doodle

This is just something I’ve been playing with and doodling in Blender. I haven’t fully decided where I’m going to go with it, but this is what I’ve accomplished so far. Note that the textures are far from final and most or less just place holders that I played with while I figured what else to add to the model. (Camera position likely to change as well, this is just the one that is most interesting right now. ;))

Click here!
Wire frame here

C&C welcome.

(This is still one of my first real projects in blender…)

the orange things are too sharp

How do you mean too sharp?
They’s supposed to be hinges (and brass, but that is just a temp material for them now).
The actual render is done with blender’s internal raytracer and unfortunately I ended up with some static on the furthest hing from the camera. It looks better using Yafray, but then I end up with it being too dark.