Mechanical Dung Bettle (pic for hungarian contest)

UPDATE: you can see all pictures in the contest:

This is my picture for the hungarian “mechanical bug” contest (with 3DSMAX prize).
All created/rendered in Blender2.23. Color correction, noise maked in Photoshop.

If you are interesting, visit the winners:

(I think, the winner picture is not a good picture. The second and third are very good.)

So my picture:

That is awesome. Must have taken you ages.

Amazing work… I love them all… some serious talent out there…

I loved the moskito and the lady bug best.

great stuff endi! nice design on the beetle.

but I don’t agree with endi, I think the winning picture is the best of those all three… and why I liked it, it’s the combination of materials.
where others simply went with the traditional style, the winner have used metal, wood, string and paper to put up the design. the camera angle on the scene isn’t the best possible, but that’s just camera angel, easy to change in 3d world…


Basse, I think, the winner pic is a standard, boring pic. Materials good? Why? That materials is the standard, boring wood, boring metal, boring materials… And the render is the standard blurred shit MAX render.

There is a thing that you need to know: is the official distributor of MAX…

I thought you said all were created/Rendered in Blender?

madcow: we talk about the winner pic, not my

hmm… are we talking about the same picture?
the first link on your original post?

I don’t think that it is a standard at all. it’s the only one of those three, that has a bit more original concept. it has more than one element. when people are building mechanical stuff, they usually take “the easy way out” and just build a shiny robotic device. like the third picture was. I think that’s boring.
but the winner has original idea, concept, of combining many materials, wood, paper, metal, string… it makes it interesting to look at… it makes it stand out.

and what comes to the “standard blurred max shit” …
…I don’t understand what you mean by that? what’s wrong with dof?

and I see you postprocessing your works always to add blur and noise and glow… :slight_smile:


While I agree with basse on the winning picture, there is one severe flaw in it, it’s too chaotic to be very nice to look at. It’s very hard to tell what the creature really is, it looks like a Butterfly though. The Ladybug and the Mosquito are both much more eye-pleasing in that way. And the Ladybug is very personal little creature also, not the average shiny robot.

I don’t like the composition in the winning picture. The second one is okay, but I think suffers in that the flower doesn’t have enough attention given to it; it looks artificial, whats worse, I’m not sure if its supposed to be that way, it should look ‘natural’ to offset the mechanical nature of the ladybug.
The third is cool enough, but I find myself not having much to say about it.
I find myself liking your pic better than the three, and not because its made in blender. Why?
a- the lighting is moody and interesting to look at. Of the four pics, yours is the best at invoking a feeling or mood.
b-the textures, esp. on the floor under the beetle have a nice worn quality to them.
c- the details aren’t clutter- they keep some interest around the perifery while the center is boldly higlited and simple.
d- love the shiny square on the beetle, duplicated in the smaller one on its head.

What I don’t like about your image (nitpicks)
a- the shape of the big gears is somehow not right. I have a hard time imagining them working. While this isn’t essential, it distracts.
b- the beatle’s head seems undefined. Its hard to make out the shape.
c- while I like the simple cut-out nature of the legs, I still think the feet could use a bit more detail.

Hope I didn’t offend you. Out of the three, I would have voted for yours.
ps.I love the broken gear, despite what I said about their shape.
[edit] on second glance, I see that the second pic has an intentional mechanical flower. still poorly realized. I really don’t like the first pic. I don’t understand why it won.

I bet the guy who did the mosquito doesn’t like the sight of blood, because there should definately be a drop or two of it in that syringe.

Modron: about the mosquito: it haves a very good story (in the contest, the author must write a story)… so: this is a mosquito that share not the disease, but the cure! On Africa, we send this robo-mosquito to heal the people!
(I hope you can understand this… :))

Ahhh lol. ok then. :smiley:

Now, at least in the third entry the dof is wrong.

The only image where the dof is appropriate is the winning entry, IMO.
A photographer producing dof-ed images like in the second and third entry would be a bad one.

But who I am to crit. All entries including endi’s, which I like a lot , are lightyears ahead from my capabilities.

nto too bad, endi.

the gears are the wrong shape though, the teeth should taper towards the end, not flare out.

Beautiful work Endi, as always! Keep up the great work. :o


update to all pic

hmm, very nice entries… especially “magyardaniel” stuff caught my eye…


I am happy. :slight_smile:
I have now the points of the contest. The fisrt 15:
(I am Barath Endre)

Papay Balazs 111
Papay Balazs2 111
Papay Balazs3 111
Pogonyi Zoltan 102
Gaspar Balazs 96
Toth Istvan 95
Pogonyi Zoltan2 94
Futasz Bence 86,5
Barath Endre 82
Rocskai Gergely 80
Vari Robert 79
Gaspar Balazs2 79
Gaspar Balazs3 79
Schreiber Andre 77
Szijjarto Tibor 75
Pajan Zsolt 75