Mechanical elephant

An example of doodling session gone too far - I only meant to make a simple, natural looking elephant head as a topology exercise. After finishing that part I started playing around with the design of mechanical elephant head I’ve had in my mind for a couple of days just to try if it’s feasible to model it using the topology I already had. Surprisingly it was.

3 hours retopology exercise, 4 hours main features modeling on top of that, 5 hours detailing.

Modeled from scratch in Blender, rendered in Cycles.

That looks awesome, it’s a really nice camera angle aswell

That’s really inspiring for robot lovers. Nice work :slight_smile:

Nice convincing work. Well done.

Good job! How about using b/w materials à la Star Wars?

You should go for a complete body, just for practice. :wink:

This is awesome, I really like the shaders you’ve got here, especially with the lighting setup.

Thank you very much for all the opinions! Here are some work in progress screenshots. I started with creating a simple all-quad elephant head, it was meant to be just the topology exercise to study edge flow of the head of this interesting animal. It took about 2-3 hours:

At this stage I started playing with extruding and “paneling” some of the areas and sharpening the edges with bevel, it took about 4 hours to reach this stage:

The final, detailing stage took circa 5 hours, a big chunk of that being spent on the ears that are hardly visible in the end :slight_smile:

This is a cool idea, you should think about doing the rest of his body.