Mechanical Eye

Yeh…I don’t know where i’m going with this either.

Rendered in luxrender for about half hour each.

Hope i come up with something for this to turn into.


I like the overall look.
It looks like you need a cornea. You just have the iris.

Thanks Atom

I have added some weaponry for no other reason other than because i can, two tri-barreled cannons and a flamethrower up top. Still no clue as to what this will become when I’m finished.

I have been carefully organising the pieces as I go, making all of the clockworky stuff realitively easy to animate. I’ve done a few animation tests so far and I am quite pleased with the results.

C&C + advice always welcome



Added a Rocket to the back. The rear end still needs some more detailing, but i’m starting to get an inkling as to what this could be, so that’s good.

As this will be rendered in luxrender, the fire from the flamethrower and perhaps from the rocket engine will be impossible to achieve via blenders particle effects, so i think i shall use after effects, which is more than up to the task.


Update, mounted to a mechanical arm, identical to the one holding the flamethrower, i think it will suffice.

The scene will be indoors in the end, but i’m rendering it outdoors at the mo as it dosen’t require me to use a complex lighting setup.

Well at least it has a purpose now, you could call it a watch camera, or a sentry turret.


Wow!Great creativity there!I also love the ‘optical zoom’ render in the opening post:D
I think with these colours,you could add some wood and then it would have a nice steampunk feel to it.

Hey yeah! Now that I look at it it does look quite steampunkish.
Wood you say, it shall be done…eventually

reminds me of a gattling gun.

with an EYE!

heh…the eye thing is weird yeh.

I think the inspiration came from an episode of Doctor who, season 2, where there on the spaceship stalking 17th century france. They have human body parts rigged into the machines, and a security camera has an eye hooked up.

A cute little wind up mouse for use in my scene.



Now I’m gonna be posting a few poses and shots of what i’m now deeming, ’ The Mouse and the Machine,’ and I would apprecciate it a lot if you’d all tell me what you think and which one you prefer. I’ll then take the best shot and make a background and environment for it, and do some better lighting of course.

Here’s the first shot, second shot coming soon.


Second shot.
I don’t like this one so much, looks quite boring.


My Idea would be to choose a low angle(height of the mouse) with the camera pointig at the machine.Maybe there could be a bunch of these mice running from the flames of the eye’s weapon.The focus would be on the eye itself(maybe the whole machine),and the mice would be out of focus.If it is not clear,I am happy to do a quick sketch.

The mats are pretty awesome.Procedural,I guess?

It looks like one of those big brother enforcer cams. It monitors pedestrians and fills em full of holes if they spit on the sidewalk then burns the carcass into ashes in seconds. Remember citizen, crime does not pay!

Yeh i’ve been wanting to use the flamethrower, but i’m not really sure how to do the flame.
I did a few experiments in after-effects and my results were terrible, and now I dont even want to do an animation, it seems totally unsuitible.
The only other thing i can think of is gimp, as i don’t have photoshop, but i’ve never really used gimp for anything other than basic photo correction, so i don’t know if that will be difficult or not.

Oh, and the materials are luxrenders built in gold material and a bronze material i downloaded from the lux texture library

Heres 3 and the last pose 4.

I think i’m gonna work with either number one or number four ( which is based on clewers’ idea), i still don’t know how i would go about making the flame though.