mechanical flower

A mechanical flower in bloom.This is one of a number of mechanical type models for a short I am creating over the nest few months.
Rendered in yafray.


nice new species of flower u got there lol

Yup, very nice. I’d sure hat to be the bee that has to pollinate that one! :slight_smile:

wow, nice texturing, very nice lighting, and let me tell ya, this work has class!
i like it mucho

Haha that’s really cool, good work.

really cool, the texturing is very great.
i’d like to have this for my screen, but i think you don’t give it to me, right :smiley:

but really,really nice


Hehe, I found a fellow lover of abstract machinery :smiley:
Very nice work, the lighting is especially fitting and really gives it a “mechanical” feeling, if you ask me. Modeling is good, too, even though I’d like to see some more detailed wires. They are kinda plain and can be easily improved by adding some repetitive detail.
This time the use if typography is much better as well. Better placement and more simplicity…

Keep it up :slight_smile:

I agree with Myke on his points. Also, you could maybe add some hydraulics or some type of cylinder or servo motor on the actual petals so they look like they are connected somehow to the stem. Right now, they are just sitting there.

Nice render and I love the design though.


Thanks for the crits guys.

I am working on making some more complex wire shapes amoungst other things, my computer is a bit slow for complex stuff though, so will have to upgrade soon.

Loved looking through your deviant art galley Myke, great mechanical stuff:)