mechanical "incisions"

I have to replicate the “incisions” over mechanical shells (those you can see in most spaceship model or in some cars), just “drawing” a little bump inward, but this should be done: a) modeling and not with a bump texture b) on a single mesh In other 3d modelling software there are commands to “drill” a surface with a 2d curve (projection of the 2d curve on the surface). There’s anything similar in blender?

hmm…could use booleans but thats messy…

You need to use the knife to cut a minimum of three loops along the incisions, paralell to one another and then indent the middle one.

Modron came up with an interesting technique where you draw a curve, convert it to a mesh, join it to the original mesh. Then you select all the verts of the converted curve, turn on Proportional Edit and push those verts into the mesh. Obviously you need a high level of subdivision for that to work though.