Mechanical Mayhem-- FINAL UPDATE & TRAILER

Although I had already created another thread for this (titled “Robot Movie”), I felt the need to make another: Now I have a title, and now I have a better model.

The Plot (if you’re interested):
Basically, the movie is about a robot (the main CG element of the film) who is sent to earth inside a meteor. The meteor hits earth, the robot emerges. My brother sees him, runs back home (being chased by the robot), and calls the police. Because they have gotten 5 calls from my neighborhood (the impact of the asteroid must have shaken the earth and stuff…), the police send out some cars to check it out. Ultimately they are too late to do anything-- my brother is chased back to the original impact location. Just as the robot is about to blast him with his mega-ultra-superlaser weapon, it is sqashed and killed by a random meteor, which lands in the same exact place as the first one.

Here’s my finalized opening meteor shot: Quicktime, 4.4 megs.

Here’s my robot as it stands right now:


I think I’m pretty much done the modelling, but if you have any suggestions, please tell me! I’m kinda having trouble with textures. What do think of them?

I’ve got it all rigged with IK. I think it pretty much works the way I want it to, although there are still some issues:

How can I keep the robot’s feet locked horizontally? (I want them aligned with the ground.) And is there a way to restrict the bones’ movement? Like, can I say that bone x should only be able to rotate 60°?

The vertex count is 139061… is that a lot? Blender is getting kinda slow.

Comments welcome. Thanks much!


Wow, looks great so far ! Can’t wait for updates !
You could probably improve the particle system somewhat… more, smaller, lower-alpha particles, but then this means longer renders.

130,000 verticies is rather a lot, but not a shocking amount. Depends on your system really though.

Sorry I can’t help with the rigging, I don’t know much about it.


looks great so far. gogogogo!! update!


Your planet looks really cool. I’m also working on one for a game project and I found it very diffcult to achieve a decent look. Could you please give any hints on how you did it.

Wow! Looks great. One thing I would change would be the lights on the west coast. They seem a little too yellow.

Good luck.


As one would expect, here I am to point out scientific flaws.

  1. The atmosphere is too thick. It is about a 1/500th of the diameter of the earth. I think people will identify with it more if it is thinner.
  2. Particles too big, need to be a smoother burning effect. Also, maybe something breaking off?
  3. Not science, but it looks very star-wars-ish, with the words on black, fading to stars, then a thing into focus, then turn to a large planet. In fact, that is exactly the beginning of one of the star wars. (the death star)
  4. As per number 3, I like the opening, it looks very pro.
    Hope the impact is good, and your brother.

cool! good job so far, i like ur textures! (and yes, that is alot of vertecies (at least to me…))

Wow, lookin real good, like the robot.

Make an empty, and constrain the foot bone to it using Copy Rotation.

I don’t know how to accomplish the other restriction you want to add yet, sorry.

Wow, looks great! :o

I haven’t donwloaded the video unfortuinately, but the shots look great! How did you kake the planer look like that? What are your methods?



Looks really good so far.

Keep us updated.


Thanks so much for your encouraging replies!

For the specifics:

Rhysy 2- Thanks a lot. This was my first time ever using particles. Although I am pleased with the result, I agree with you. I had a lot of trouble making it look realistic. One of the biggest problems was that the meteor is, in the scene, huge, which means the planet was enormous. I had to make the norm values negative to slow the particles enough. I really wish I had good-looking particles. I kept looking at @ndy’s “mindfields”, especially for the impact I’m still working on. He posted the shader settings, and I still can’t get anything close.

Usagi- The earth was pretty hard to get looking right. The planet itself was pretty easy: I actually bought some hi-res earth textures for the color, bump, spec, and cloud maps. I just fooled and fooled with the shader settings to try to get the best look for a planet. (Looked mainly at how the sun reflected off the water.) The atmosphere was the hardest part. I did it with lines of halos with different materials. The purple dots are the halo verticies:<–Click for bigger version.

Hope this helps some. I don’t really think this method would work to well in a game, would it? In some test animations the atmosphere fell apart-- you can only view it from certain angles.

Feanor11- Thanks. I agree with you. If I do another version of this shot (there are SO MANY shots in this movie I’ve got to eventually do individually), then I will definitely desaturate the yellows some.

SamAdam- 1. I know! :frowning: I tried to make the atmosphere thinner, but the setup I had wouldn’t work. If I made the halos smaller there would be random breaks in the atmosphere. I tried subdividing the lines of halos, but I still ran into problems. 2. Good idea about the breaking off. I may redo just the particles. (It’s another layer, not as much work.) :slight_smile: 3. Wow! Didn’t really realize that. Maybe I could add a crawl in there as well! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyhow, it wasn’t intentional, and I’m glad you like it.

Good criticisms.

SkeLeToR- Thanks! You like my textures?? They’re all procedural… they don’t add to the model much… Does anyone else have a problem with them before I start animation of the robot?

cohort- Ahh! Thank you! Works perfectly.

Antiggo- Thanks a lot!! For the planet, refer to my response to Usagi.

SirVer, BgDM, zgm-html, blade- Thank you much!

Small addition:

Here’s a poster for the movie:<–Click for bigger version.

Ok, general questions:

What’s the best way to take a preexisting mech and lower its poly count?

I’ve got the asteroid on the ground. It’s a single object. HOW CAN I ANIMATE IT CRACKING OPEN? It probably should have been modelled with this in mind. Right now I can’t think of anything that would work.

For this thread in general, should I update with each shot? Or update with WIP shots?

Thanks for all your responses.


I’ve got a draft of the impact which I’ll post soon.

My only real suggestion so far is to give the meteor some distinct color. Old rocky looking but not so much that it stands out. Just enough to where you can see color and it doesn’t look as grey as it is now. On the whole though great work, honestly can’t wait to see the final product!


Thanks Ender. I’ll definitely do that, since I’m now planning on updating the scene.

OK: IMPACT<-- 5th Draft of the meteor’s impact. Quicktime, 2.5 megs.

It’s not done. I’m gonna make the transition of the crater to the ground better on the left side, add some better/more effective sky lighting at the beginning, and I’m gonna add some more debris.

Crits? How does it look, in general? (I’m planning on only working on the details.)



wow real nice! I lvoe evrything you’ve done before. looks really sweet!

one thing about the impact…at the speed it’s coming…it would create quite a huge crater. The ground should deform much more…maybe after the explosion of the impact dirt should be projected to the camera and smoke and stuff…and when the smoke disapear the camera is IN the crater. like if the whole terrain got deformed.

Hope it helps, but anyway this already looks real nice! keep it up

super cool!

the only thing, i think the explosion could linger a bit more. right now its only but a flash, i kno its less realistic, but face it! its a movie! lol.

effstops: Thank you for the info about you made atmosphere. I’ll try it. It should work for me, because I need the planet for a background picture.

The impact is looks very good too. I like the shaking of the camera.

To break the asteroid in the middle you could cut the mesh with the knife tool.

i expected a huge crater. and i think the asteroid should desintergrate. with this kind of impact it should be blown to pieces.

exept that it looks very good.

not terribly photorealistic but good it’s getting there :slight_smile:

Consider coming to #blenderchat and asking me (f00f) or @ndy about the textures.

Hopefully you’ll catch @ndy because he’s a bit better(cough a lot cough) at texturing than i am :wink: