Mechanical Motorbike (update)

Hey, I started working on this one again, its an old project, some of you may remember it, now I got some videos to show of the rig :slight_smile:

Ortho side view
Persp 3/4 view

Hope you like it, still much work to do :o


Aligorith made an awesome script for me that rotates the chassis so the front wheel never go beyond the floor! the math in this is way complex for me

Bassam told me how to get rid of circular dependency problems, pistons had a delay in tracking and now they work smoothly!

Ideasman for hes constant python help :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! it really looks amazing ZanQdo :open_mouth:

seems to be a lot of work in your project ;), that sounds very very good :slight_smile:

Waiting for updates :smiley: