Mechanical Pencil WIP
modeled after

C&C welcome.

Good model.But I think the lighting needs work.The lighting is to bright and there is no shadows comming from the pencil.The pencils metal meterial doesn’t look right.It seems to bright .Maybe a envy map would give it a better metal effect.Is the bottum of your pencil suposed to be metal?if not i guess its one of thoughs soft pencil grips right¿Looks good for a pencil.

if your wandering how to get a nice metal chrome.

in the shader buttons turn the reference right down (ref)

put the spec up with the hard to about 4- 12

put ray mirror on and turn it up to at least 80% and walla chrome.

The thick part behind the tip isn’t textured right if you’re looking as the picture, it looks kind of soft to me, plus maybe find a better floor texture.