Mechanical piano (textured)

Hi everyone!

A while back I modelled this piano to practice making big scenes with mesh instances and constructive modifiers, resulting in a super high-poly object, but I never got to texture it properly.

I’ve decided to learn Substance Designer recently, and this was a perfect first project. It’s been a super pain to render, but here it finally is! (Textures made in Substance, everything else is Blender)

Here are some behind the scenes shots:

Hope you enjoyed, C&C welcome :slight_smile:

This is awesome congrats, I went into Sketchfab a while ago with this model and I enjoyed pushing all the buttons you have marked. :yes:


PS: How did you find SP and have you tried 3D Coat also, I want to get one of them and struggling to decide between the 2, then there is also the free Mari, but that seems like a very steep learning curve.

thanks :smiley:
I used Substance Designer, I haven’t tried Painter yet, but it’s on my list ^^ so almost everything here is procedural :slight_smile:
I can only compare it to blender and I’d say it works really the same way, but with a ton more options in terms of noises, generators and filters, and a nice openGL viewport, so very nice experience overall, and very nice learning curve especially coming out of blender ^^