mechanical piece (cycles exercice)

Hello BA,

I just finished a self-asigned exercice to learn a bit Cycles lighting.

The idea is to take a random image (in this case as an inspiration, and try to reproduce the lighting and materials conditions.

The result could be made more looking like the istockphoto image, but the main idea is to keep some lighting choice to ourself, not just copy reality.

The file was released on blendswap :

here are 2 results :

here is an HD version of the first image :

Olivier Amrein

Wow. Quite nice. I’m curious as to what you did for the brushed metal texture.

Nice work.
The heads on the black bolts have octagonal holes on them. Shouldn’t they be hexagonal? (maybe they are a specialist fitting though)

Less blurring otherwise not bad !

looks very good, could you share the blend? :slight_smile:
Okay, im stupid :smiley: didnt see the blendswap link…

Awesome model :wink:

haha you areabsolutely right. should be hexagonal
I guess we will say for now that it is because this piece uses special top-secret bolts only used by NASA and NSA for space spy satellite :slight_smile: