Mechanical rig

The wheels even turn appropriately ((360 / π * z location) / diameter, right?). I’ve got an animation finished, but it’s not rendered yet.

I like greebles.

where’s the original big image??? and yah … an anim would clearly demonstrate how this works …

What do you mean? Does the first image not show up for you?

Anyway, here’s a preview gif (not what the animation looks like, but a demonstration of the mechanics)

hmm… the wheels seem to move right indeed :slight_smile:

woah cool! how did you do it?? complex use of constraints i assume???

… and the first image is back … sthing wrong at my end maybe …

You’re using internet explorer, am I right?
It has problems displaying PNGs with an alpha channel or something. Use firefox.

it looks cool - but it wouldn’t work in the real world

what is it for?

What about it wouldn’t work in the real world? The moving track? Just imagine there’s a motor inside or something.

the direction of the rollers is perpendicular (mostly) to the pull of the gas strut
(a lot of wasted energy pulling it in the wrong direction)

and then it would be impossible for the roller to go back up on that angle because it would be pushing against the gas stut (moving upward while the gas strut pushes down

if the spinning wheel was on below the track (on on it - as in up and down)
then it would work (and it wouldn’t need to be a gas strut - just a ball and socket type joint - flexible)

it still looks interesting though