mechanical snail

This started out as a lighting exercise, but I decided to finish and render the whole project.

critique’s welcome :wink:

Very creative, and great metal work.

Looks really well made. There is one thing that bugs me tho:
It would never be able to move since snails move by compressing and uncompressing the body.
Thats of course if i am correct to assume the body itself is made from metal :wink:

Mabey its made from mercury coverd with foil.

haha, obviously there are wheels on the bottom of the snail, but they are hidden by the borders of the body :wink: :smiley:

amazing materials!

You know what would look cool … a natural snail body - kind of like a cyborg snail – now that would look mint… if you can get the textures/materials right

oh forgot it look awesome! either way!

thanks for the positive feedback, very motivating :smiley:
I’ll post a turntable soon

I decided to complete make the snail out of metal, because I only wanted the appearence to remind of something natural, but i wanted it to be completely mechanical :wink:

I’ve created a little scene with the robo-snail(just put some environment around it). I have two version which have different dof(one created with blender, one with photoshop), here are both:

There are metals that can expand and contract on comand

Awesome, any thoughts on mechanising any other creatures? sort of like a series? :slight_smile:

I really like the idea about making a series of mechanical animals, I’ll definately think about it :wink:

here’s the very finished render(some changes in dof), and a little making of with a turntable of the snail

thank you for your feedback