Mechanical Spider

Mini Test Page
just click on the avi thingy…

hmmm, looks cool, cant really commont until i see the rest of them…

Cool stuff … I would be interested in a tut for mechanical constraints if you have time to do it.


oh, well a tut, never done one, but here is what I did… for the legs, they are completely hollow right now, just paper, so they can fit together… I have armatures running through the legs… 4 armatures, for four legs… they are all connected…
ok, and for the hydraulics… this was rather easy… the hard part, was just getting them to “intersect” with that w key… I still only use 2.27 :stuck_out_tongue:
what I meant was, that The cylinders to the hydraulics took a while to connect to each other… just trying to get the right effect…
so once the cylinders were connected… well, here is a picture guide to show you what I am about to explain… (Picture guide)
Ok… well as you can see:
The “main Piston” is parented to the same colored armature…
the “minor Piston” is parented to the other
and the armatures are “constrained” to the same colored empty
and the armatures are “parented” to the “gears” so then , the gears are parented to a certain “leg” of my mechanical “beast” so I can keep “”""""""
and annoy you guys “yeah” ok… well that is about it for my tut, any helpful?

Thanks a lot for sharing those helpfull tips :smiley: