Mechanics tutorial update

(S68) #1

Ok folks,

thanks to teeth’s contest, which obliged me to work on IKA, I matured some experience in animating mechanics.

My old tutorial is now full with this stuff… doubled in number of pages (and size)

Grab it at

It is a Zipped PDF file, 1M in size

Hope will help you


(harkyman) #2

Thanks. A nice read and well illustrated. Clever way to do a quick and dirty spring.

(Bapsis) #3

Great re-work on your tutorial, im gonna have alot of fun working with this, great information and insight.
Thank you for the great work Stefano!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(malefico) #4

Very elegant use of armatures ! Great tute !

I guess mine is “obsolete” now :slight_smile:


(IMProvisar) #5


I came to a stopping point on my starfighter project (WIP thread here) because I wanted to work on the landing gear yet, and had trouble creating pistons and animating them.

I’m about to mail my computer in a day or two (we’re leaving Hawaii for the continent on Tuesday… moving back home to Alabama), but when I get my computer on the other end, and set up to blend again, I’m definitely going to work through this tute… It’s sure to be a great help!